Yesterday Was Better

Sometimes I just like stating the obvious.


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27 Responses to Yesterday Was Better

  1. Kevin says:

    it’s a nice day to sit in and watch the Tim McCarver show.

  2. Alex says:

    My elementary school bus went up that road every morning to pick up some kid whose parents had obviously managed to get the route redistricted three minutes out of the way.

    The driver would have to do a three-point turn to get back onto Hebron Avenue about four times out of five.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I was staring at this picture while talking to my mom. She is worried since my brother’s dog won’t come out of the car.

    This dog weighs almost 100 pounds and has bitten 9 well really 10 since he bit one of my cousins two different times.

    As for me, I don’t care where the dog is as long as he isn’t near me. I had gotten bitten by the dog once seven years ago and lost the tip of my index finger.

    The last person the dog bit somebody was last week, and he bit one of my mother’s aides. I was just staring at this picture and it kept me somewhat calm and I didn’t yell at my mom when she said she would not let anybody take the dog away.

    So, here I am in my recliner with my dog on my lap doing a couple of deep breathing exercises knowing when I do that I have pain in the left side of my neck and going into my shoulder.

    So thank you very much for putting up that picture. It is very calming. I do have one question,,, Where is Sponge Bob Square Pants?

  4. Sharon’s comment is destined to become a classic in the blog comment genre. It has everything. A Stephen Kingian Cujo whose bite is far worse than his bark. And who must have the best lawyer since Perry Mason. How many people does this dog have to sink his teeth into before…

    And Sharon. I don’t wish to alarm you. But ” a pain in the left side of my neck and going into my shoulder? ”

    Uhhhhhhhh. You, uhhhh, might want to bounce that off your doctor. I’m not saying ” Heart attack. ” I’m no doctor, but…

    Oh hell. It’s probably just indigestion. Or anxiety. Sparked by that dog that won’t come out of that car.

    • Gerry says:

      I just don’t know what to say. That happens every now and then.

    • Terrence, I have this feeling one of these days, Gerry is going to ‘kick me out of here’. We know I can’t do anything with Twitter that’s for sure. LOL

      As for the pain, it started yesterday afternoon while eating a very late lunch early dinner. I called the Nursing Department from my insurance company figured she would know something. Her question to me was if there weren’t any nurses available what would I do. I said I’d call my Dr. even though I know the office was closed. So, that is what I ended up doing. The questions I was getting from the Nurse were and I’m trying to be polite here, but they were stupid. I explained to her that I have Multiple Sclerosis, and she asked me if my arms, hands and fingers were numb, and I said yet,which I attributed to the M.S. So she told me to act like I didn’t have M.S. and tell her again where I had numbness. If I could have shook my head in a ‘no’ reaction I would have.

      I ended up calling my Dr. got the recording if it were an emergence call 911, if I wanted to talk to the Dr. on call press 7 which I did, and then got another message that I would hear back from the on-call Dr. within 30 minutes. Well, I waited an hour, still no call, so I called again. This went on with me calling four times. I gave up at Midnight.

      I finally had gotten a call back from the On-Call Dr. at 7:45 am! She told me the calls were going to the wrong Dr. and he had his phone tuned off all nights. So, she asked me how she could help me. I didn’t want to scream, since my cat was sitting on me, holding me for dear life with his claws, my dog looked up from him sleeping and figured things were ok since I wasn’t screaming.

      So I told the Dr. what was going on. She said she would check to see if the EKG and Chest X-Ray I had done on Friday were back yet from the Out Patient Office for the Hospital. For some reason whenever my Dr. does an EKG on me in his office it comes up ‘flat line’ , he has tried three different machines, different exam rooms and it always happens, but works fine for the people before and after me. I keep looking at the Dr. and all the nurses who have tried to do an EKG on me in the office, and asking them if I am alive or not? I could have sworn I was.

      I get the next call back from the On-Call Dr. at 3:15. She couldn’t get copies of the tests I had done yesterday. She asked what level of pain I have and before she can explain what 1-10 means, I told her it was a 10. If I take a deep breath it hurts, if I move my head it hurts, if I raise my right arm up, it hurts. Her next question to me and I quote “What do you have laying around for pain?”. I pulled te phone away from my ear and just looked at it. I repeated to myself, ‘Hey Shar what do you have laying around for pain’. My dog looked at me and shook his head ‘no’ and I tried not to laugh. So, I was honest, I told her I had taken Flexeril that another Dr. in the office prescriped for me the week before due to pain in my back.

      She takes a deep breath, I was ready to ask her to take one for me, but wasn’t too sure how she would take it. So she asked me who my Pharmacy was, I told her, so she said she would call them for me and give me enough Vicoden to last me thru the weekend. Then she said when I take the Vicoden, I should take the Flexeril. She also started to explain to me she would put in an appointment for me for Monday. Ok, I don’t have a problem with that. I’m not working anymore go for it! After five minutes she said she would leave a message for one of the girls call me on Monday. She doesn’t know how to use the new computer system. I am now trying not to laugh. This Dr. is the head of the practice and she has no clue how to use the system? I’ll call tomorrow just to make sure I get an appointment.

      I have made up my mind if there is a time in which my Dr. is not in, there is no way I’d go to see her. I’d rather go to the ER pay $100.00 for that visit, rather than pay $25.00 to see this woman Dr.

      As for Cujo the dog,,, when my brother first got him, I told him the dog had to go. My parents were in the late 70’s and the last thing they needed was a dog who came up to my hips (I was 5’10”) on his all fours. and weighed 75 pounds. That was seven years ago.My brother still has the dog, I also have to explain my brother is 59 now, is a High School History School, you would think he would know better. The dog has bitten nine people! Other than biting the tip of my index figer off, and cracking a couple of ribs, my mother’s favorite line is ”I didn’t tell Harris to do that to you”.

      I grew up with dogs and cats as pets all my life. This is the only dog in my life that I have met that I’m afraid of. So when my mom said my brother can’t get the dog out of the car, I said to leave him there.

      I was trying hard not to laugh about the dog, but as I said in the earlier posting, I was looking at the picture Gerry had up, and I was petting my dog who is sound asleep in my lap.

      As for the ‘hear attack’ point, I’m just not in the mood for one of those. I have to go to Long Island next weeked to go to the cemetary where my cousin and dad are buried. Then two weeks later it’s back to NY for a cousin’s wedding. So, if I’m having a heart attack, it can happen anytime after May 24th, then I have to be home and relaxed for the next two weddings in July. One is July 24 and the 25th. Yeah I love when people have weddings the day before/after another wedding.

      Gerry, I can see you shaking your head ‘nope’ Sharon will never be able to Tweet. LOL

  5. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Did I ever tell you guys about my operation?

  6. Sharon

    I’ll preface this by saying I have no intention to provoke you. I have been threatened by a man who has sources in Waterbury and Bridgeport. He know people who know people whose names are like Vinny and Guido ( Oh Jeez, now I’ve provoked your Italian readers! Just kidding Vinnie! )

    I’m serious about this Sharon. Please read aand comment on my blog, which is over there on Gerry’s blogroll. I love your comments. They have a Gracie Allen like flavor and that is, if you know me and my love of those vaudeville inspired comediens, a compliment.

    I look forward to your comments on The Web Town Observer. No word limit. WTO ain’t Tweeter by a long shot.

    And Li’l em kel

    You keep bring up that operation. I knew you when you were answering to Lillie em kel

  7. Gerry says:

    To all: if you look at the post, then look at the comments, something truly strange happened.

    That picture never would have happened if I didn’t need to stop after golf to….never mind.

  8. Jean says:

    Foote Lane, right?

  9. I try my damndest to find something odd in the news, or think of something odd to post about on my blog and I’m lucky to get three comments. You post a picture of a back road in Bumfork, Connecticut on which you stopped to take a leak and you get, as of this writing, 20 comments.

    I’m a better man than you? Who says?

  10. Lucky for us you didn’t look down, and…

    I know. The principal’s office. I’m on my way there.

  11. Sue D says:

    I’m LOL… some amusing posts here… I check a couple of times a week, and it always makes me smile… 🙂

  12. Lori says:

    I love it!

  13. Ahhh, hi All,,, first of all I have to tell you that I did listen to Terry (I’ll try to send you a note on your blog), I had the pain again, and looking at your picture that started ths blog a few days ago.
    Well, my after I got off the phone with 911 I had to go to the ‘Ladies’ room, even though I hear the sirens first hoping they are going somewhere other than to me. Well,I was – they were coming for me. The come in the apartment, and I’m yelling I’ll be out iin a minute.

    I finished and all of a sudden one person was taking my blood pressure, one was asking me question. Then somebody asked me if it hurt when I breath, and I nod ‘yes’, so they put the one that covers your face from you chin, and just below my eyes. Yeah!

    By the time I was getting ready to go home, I had three EGS’s for some reason each one had a different readings, so they gave up on that.

    Since I had an appointment all set up with a Cardiologist today, they sent me home with some lasting effects of the Dilauded shot. Gerry, by any chance did you send those trees in my mind?

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