Shredding 2000

2000 is now confetti.  I shredded the whole damn year.  All of the statements, receipts and canceled checks.

So what did I learn from this?

  • It’s fun to shred a couple of things.  But not hundreds.
  • I still pay what I paid in 2000 for a hair cut.  I don’t know if Lorenzo is unaware of this, or if he’s just pro-rated what he charges based on hair loss.  (Hmmm.  Could I be paying more per strand?) 
  • I gotta get out of the house.
  • I haven’t used bullet points in a long time.

About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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One Response to Shredding 2000

  1. When my dad was alive, he kept all kinds of papers. Still had a swimming card from when he was in Jr. High (my dad was 88 when he passed away 3 yrs ago). He had Cub Scout photos of my brothers, of which neither one of them knew what it was from.

    There were things he needed to keep,,, his birth certificate in which we saw how his last name was spelled, his honorable discharge papers (which had a different spelling of his last name than on his birth certificate. I guess when you are in the armed forces they can change your last name by one letter).

    He had the deeds to all the houses he owned – even the one we had in Hartford, and we sold that house in 1968! Same thing with appliances we no longer owned – again, like the stove from the house in Hartford.

    When it came though to mail for ‘Occupant’ or ‘Resident’ he gave that to my mom and had her shred all that in the shredder – that was my mom’s job.

    My dad kept papers in shoe boxes, hat boxes – he even bought a file cabinet, yet he never used it. I have a shredder. My boyfriend uses it, I end up cutting things up or even tearing them into tiny pieces even put them into different garbage bags.

    I did laugh when you talked about your hair cut. I have been going to the same tax guy for 20 years now, until I moved to CT, he charged me only $50.00, now that I’m here, and I drive to NY for him to do my taxes, my cost has gone up to $75.00. From what I’ve heard from others I’m still getting a good cost, I don’t mind though, he’s very good, he now takes care of my son’s and brother’s taxes. He even did something for my mom last year – for some reason the IRA noticed she hasn’t paid taxes in about 15 years (my mom was 87 last year) the last time she worked she was 50 so she was only getting Social Security and didn’t make enough money to pay taxes!

    I’m not sure if I want to get rid of anything from 2000 (not even sure right now I could find them anyway – was still living in NY at the time, and my son and brother have since cleaned out the house due to moving my mom into living with my brother). I know where the shredder is, it’s near one of the lamps in the living room.

    Shredding things can be fun though. A ‘cleansing’ process.

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