He Has a Point

Lame duck  Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy will never win any style points for his oratory.  Unlike his late father and his brother, he doesn’t captivate an audience.
But he certainly attracted attention Wednesday when he took to the House floor and blasted the media for caring more about an obscure former congressman than the war, during a speech on U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

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Really, who ever heard of former Rep. Eric Massa until he quit amid sexual harassment allegations? 

You watch the cable news channels and you’d think Massa was…a Kennedy.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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5 Responses to He Has a Point

  1. I did see some of Patrick Kennedy’s speech today, screaming very, very loudly. I know he won’t be like Teddy, but he did have a point Gerry. I’m sorry, war to me is more important to another political figure having affairs with either sex now. Bad enough with what is going on here in Hartford with our own Mayor who has his own issues, but won’t do what is right by stepping down.

  2. Terry Cowgill says:

    Believe me, if the media were focusing on the troubles of a congressman from a different party, Patches would not have made this rant.
    If the media had not covered Patches’ own problems, then all would be fine. He is an incredibly shallow and self-centered human being.

  3. Pat says:

    This was the first time I can ever remember where I found myself agreeing with a Kennedy.

    Bias? What bias in the MSM? Nahh – poo poo.

    Shameful, absolutely shameful the way the big 3 are shielding this alleged president.

  4. Sure, he may have been projecting, thinking about how his father was given so much grief about that bridge incident. And maybe he was thinking about how he’s been treated in the Providence talk show circus. Who knows? That’s all conjecture. Thick smoke in a small room. What I do know is that he showed a lot of passion here. And I think he was right.

    He’s not running for reelection. Speaking as a former Rhode Islander ( The state he represents ) I wish he had shown that kind of fire more often, earlier.

  5. Gerry says:

    Just thought I’d throw this out there to see what you all thought.

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