Hard Times for Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are being grilled.

The American Academy of Pediatrics got a lot of play this week by declaring that hot dogs are choking hazards to young children, and should be redesigned.  Maybe to look like ’59 Chevys with fins.

Perhaps pâté is safer, but cooler heads suggest that parents may want to watch what their children shove down their throats.

Sluggerrr's quite the hot dog himself.

And in Kansas City, one of the meat capitals of America, the Royals are being sued by a fan who took a hot dog in the eye from the team’s mascot, Sluggerrr. 

 This, of course, reminds us of the parental warning about almost everything:  “Doncha know that thing can take an eye out?”

At least in Kansas City, the story upholds a great American pastime.

Suing each other.


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10 Responses to Hard Times for Hot Dogs

  1. Beckie says:

    Just NOW they’re determining that hot dogs are choking hazzards????? Ya know, they are a new food, right? How did we all survive?

    I’m with ya, Gerry. Parents need to watch their kids. What a novel idea!

    And beyond all of that, are hot dogs really the healthiest food for kids? As a treat, fine, but how many kids are eating them daily? And we wonder why we have an epidemic of obese kids. I know it’s tough to cook after working all day (or running after a toddler all day in my case), but there are healthier options that are just as fast and aren’t choking hazzards.

  2. Kevin says:

    many parents are kinda clueless these days, the solution is simple and straight forward ,dont feed your kid crap that can choke them also watch them when they eat. Maybe a brush up course on CPR/first aid, would help,it’s not that hard to learn.

  3. Brian says:

    I blogged about the same thing this morning. It’s such a pity that parents are too busy to think for themselves on how to care for the children they bring into this world. True, kids don’t come with an instruction booklet, but sometimes common sense, like cutting food into bite sized pieces for their babies who have not yet mastered the art of chewing, unless they give them their own knives, but then the parents would sue knife manufacturers for making them so sharp. Life, these days seems to be a never ending vortex of stupidity.

  4. When I was a kid growing up hot dogs were right up there with apple pie, mothers and Chevrolets on the list of most American things. I think it says a lot about the precience of fast food joints like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. Since they arrived on the scene, hamburgers have replaced hot dogs as the #1 American meal.

    My guess is that their lawyers were thinking outside the bun – saw this hot dog danger thing coming.

    Still. One of my all time fave places to eat lunch is Nick’s Nest on Rt 5 in Holyoke, Mass. Best hot dogs on the planet. Nick’s has been there forever. Founded before the fast food joints took over.

  5. stratos says:

    i only see them as a risk if they are good. Nathans on the grill in the summer… I could choke on that,. Hot dogs at shea, i can really choke on that; their is not a better tasting dog out their. The oscar myer weiner mobile drives by; doen’t matter what I’m eating…. I’m choking. I mean seriously 33 years oscar, and where have u been all my life

  6. Michael says:

    All this talk about hot dogs has made me hungry. Gonna run right out and lite the grill (in the rain)


  7. graham says:

    Teach your kid to chew his/her food, not wolf it down while texting, phoning, talking, computing etc. The hot dog is an American art form. You don’t run by the Mona Lisa and say you understand and feel it. You savor it, just like the hot dog.
    Let’s slow down, teach our kids to eat properly and if all else fails………..wash it down with a coke (bud).
    Can’t wait for this year’s first Fenway Frank!

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