My Treat

Every now and then, something really neat happens to remind me what a great  job I have.

Last night, I sat and watched the Olympic ice dancing competition with Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov, who participated in the Torino games four years ago.  They came in to offer analysis on our (very) late news.

Petukhov & Gregory, runners up in 2007 in the national championship to Belbin & Agosto. Davis & White were third.

Of all the figure skating events, I enjoy the ice dancing the most.  There’s teamwork, athleticism, showbiz, and a whole bunch of other stuff rolled into a routine.  (And the thought of holding Tanith Belbin like a waiter holds a tray full of dishes is not unappealing, either.)

But to sit and watch and have the opportunity to understand a sport I only see every four years with two really nice people who have been there….



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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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8 Responses to My Treat

  1. Don Ennis says:

    Good times, Gerry. And I thought I was the only guy who enjoyed Ice Dancing.

  2. richb says:

    Gee, Gerry I always took you more for a curling kind of guy or at the very least the luge.

  3. Linda says:

    It’s nice to see someone gets ice dancing. I’ll admit before Torvil and Dean, ice dancing was pretty boring and stiff. But now it’s quite amazing to see what those athletes can do on the ice. I generally look forward to the costumes, but this year some of them were a little over the top. I’m glad you could see beyond the glitz and admire the talent. All the Olympic athletes this year have really tested the limits of their sport. It’s been a pretty amazing Olympics!

  4. I have to admit the main reason that I watch the Winter Olympics is due to the Ice Skating. Whether it’s the pairs or the single Olympians, I am in a trance. Sorry, can’t put the dog out until a commercial, he’ll be able to hold it in til then and I’ve been lucky about that!

    I enjoyed the interview that was done after last night’s Oympics that I forgot to ask you what time it was!

    Great interview last night as well.

    Just think Gerry, it is only another week of the Olympics!

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