Now That He Has Spoken…

The journalist in me applauds the Golf Writers Association of America for boycotting the apology event.

The journalist in me wonders who most of his invited guests were.

The golf fan in me wants to know if they gathered for mimosas after the event.

The journalist in me thinks Tiger has major cojones for talking about the wonderful work his foundation does within the first 5 minutes of his statement.

The journalist in me thinks Tiger buried the lead by taking too long to say he did what he did because he felt “entitled.”  (But it did sound good.)

The golf fan in me agrees that details of Tiger’s marriage are between he and Elin.

The journalist in me wonders who wrote “I need to be balanced and centered.”

The golf fan in me wonders if being “balanced and centered” is a swing tip.

The golf fan in me finds it hard to believe Tiger won’t be back for the Masters, despite his  alleged uncertainty.

The golf fan in me says I will “believe” in Tiger again.  As a golfer.

The journalist in me wants the talking heads to shut up already.

The golf fan in me wants the talking heads to shut up already.


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16 Responses to Now That He Has Spoken…

  1. Ed says:

    Glad I’m not working today! I had to turn it off 5 minutes after the blah-blah-blah started. Already too much!

  2. First of all, I’m not a golfer, unless the last time I played Miniture Golf counts.

    I sat and watched the Tiger Woods ‘speach’ even though I said I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to hear false ‘sorries’ from him. I didn’t like the idea that he wouldn’t take questions from anybody.

    Yes, he mentioned his wife and kids, but I think there was only one reference to his mother who was with him. He said he had hurt people in Golf world, men, children who looked up to him, his wife and kids, again nothing included his mother.

    He mentioned how the press have been following his wife, kids and his mother. He did ask for the press to leave his wife and kids alone, but nothing about leaving his mother alone.

    Yes, he was selfish, yes, he was wrong, yes he hurt, yes a lot of the golf writers boycotted his so called press conferrence.

    Sorry, but right now, I don’t feel sorry for Tiger at all. Everything he did, he did for himself without thinking what it would do to others.

  3. Deborah says:

    Apologies Gerry:

    The person in me wants every over-entitled narcissist, be they politicians, actors, sports figures or celebrities-without-reason, to just go away.

    The person in me wants the rest of us to stop looking to the aforementioned folks as fallen heroes because, perhaps, they were not heroes to start with.

    • Gerry says:

      Ha! Apologies for WHAT? I’m 100% with you.

      Yes, I watched. But I couldn’t help but be astounded that a person who plays golf for a living was able to comandeer the airwaves of the world. Yeah, he’s a great golfer, and maybe he’ll end up being the best ever, but really….

  4. Not the greatest performance this morning. More of an infomercial for Tiger Inc. than anything else. But all things considered, I believed him. My gut tells me he’s genuinely remorseful. Two words that didn’t come to mind as I watched him this morning were: Bad lie.

    All in all a mediocre first shot on the first hole of a very long course.

  5. I do have a question not that I’m sure anybody can answer…. Why is it when a ‘hero’ has fallen in grace will take their time to either admit the error of their ways or ask for forgiveness after a long time they have been caught? Such as, Pete Rose, Michael Vick, Mark Mcquire, and now Tiger Woods, just to name four people, I can go on, but I’d run out of room here.

    When did one’s hero not been somebody in their own family? Why should we look up to people who accomplish something from a job that is way out of our league and expect them to be perfect? Then when they aren’t people hang around the radio or glued to the T.V. to hear how sorry they are that what they did was wrong. They knew it was wrong when they did it, but thought since they are well known it would just ‘blow over’. I never understood it when I was younger, and I still don’t understand it now.

  6. Kevin says:

    I’ve seen hostage tapes that have appeared more natural and less scripted, anyone else catch Tiger blink S.O.S. ?

  7. Kevin

    Hilarious. Only thing missing was him holding up today’s newspaper proving it was, indeed, a ” live ” event.

  8. Gerry,

    I think you should hold up your watch tonight when you are doing the news to prove that it is live and not recorded. I started to laugh so hard when you said that last night!

  9. rick says:

    Terrence, Terrrence , Terrence…. Where did you buy those rose tinted glasses??

  10. daredevyl283 says:

    Why can’t the media just leave him and his family alone already? He’s got some healing and reconciling to do.

  11. t bone says:

    who really cares about tiger?
    what about haiti?
    what about darfur?
    what about sudan?

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