Control Freak

I’m a journalist and I’m a golf fan.

The journalist is totally turned off by Tiger Woods’ plan to publicly apologize for…whatever he wants to apologize for and whoever he wants to apologize to…by simply reading a written statement.

The golf fan doesn’t care.  He’s not owed an apology.  Hey, Tiger Woods didn’t screw up my life.  He screwed up his own.

What...or who?

The journalist wants Woods to hold an open news conference, not stage a carefully controlled media event.  The journalist wants questions asked.  There will be no questions.  Just a statement to one camera, bought and paid for by Tiger Woods. 

The golf fan just wants to see the guy hit a golf ball.  And maybe come to his hometown tournament.  Just once.  And maybe be nice enough to smile like he means it and sign a few autographs.

Journalists and TV talking heads will parse every sentence that comes out of Woods’ mouth.  Did he seem sincere?  Apologetic?  Humble?  Contrite? 

The golf fan just wants to know if he’ll tee it up at Augusta.

This journalist thinks Tiger Woods became a hostage to his own carefully crafted image.

This golf fan hopes that Tiger Woods can set himself free.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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10 Responses to Control Freak

  1. Jerry right on! Could not agree more with every word you said! I too am a golf fan as is the husband (who also was a newsman). Bpoth of us think that you said it all. We hope that Tiger can set himself free and join the world of golf again.

  2. He is who you think he is…and he says he wants to invite you to a smackdown at Tallwoods as soon as the weather warms.

  3. I can’t wait to see the ratings for Tiger’s first TV appearance since that awful night in the driveway. Talk about must see TV. And the numbers will just confirm what we all know. Millions of us want this guy back.

    His wife may not. His girlfriends may not. Those of us who love to watch what he does on the course? We want him back. And boy does he know that.

    Tomorrow is just the first shot on the toughest course Mr. Woods will ever play. I, for one, hope he hits the fairway.

    Excellent post, Gerry. Very nice way of explaining how complicated this thing is.

  4. “screwed up”, wow, that really DOES say it all for Tiger!

  5. Steve McGarty says:

    I totally agree, but I still hope he cries today.

  6. Dee says:

    The PGA needs to sweep Tiger’s crap under a carpet, and get their money machine back on the links. The Master’s is right around the corner – quick find the spin and clean this mess up! Squirm a little Tiger, squirm, you earned it!

  7. Well put, Gerry.

    Press conference proves you can’t- successfully- manufacture sincerity.

    Guess his handlers felt he had to read from the pre-packaged script to be sure he avoided making an off-hand remark along the lines of putting a little Tiger in their tanks…

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