Truck Day

Gee, I hate to put an end to this weather discussion we’ve been having, but let’s turn to something more pleasant.

Al Hartz, the Tito of truck drivers. (

It’s Truck Day at Fenway!

The big rigs are outside the old ballyard, being loaded up for the drive to Fort Myers.

On Truck Day, it doesn’t matter which team you root for, because it means baseball is coming.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a baseball fan, because it means spring is near.

And that’s something we can all agree on.  (I think.)

Come to think of it, this is still a weather discussion, isn’t it?  Damn.


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13 Responses to Truck Day

  1. Katie Daly says:

    So, Truck Day is a real thing? One of the comics in the paper (the Atlanta paper) referenced it this morning and I thought it was just part of the gag. It’s my new thing I learned today.

  2. That’s the good news. The bad news: We just got back from Fort Myers Beach, where it was as cold as the chrome on a Zamboni. We’re here just a few miles north of Myrtle Beach. They’re predicting up to 4 inches of snow tonight.

    Still. I’m psyched. The weather will warm up and the boys of summer will be playing the best game there is. Soon. Oh happy day!

    Thanks for educating me. Truck Day. I’d never heard of that before.

  3. And. Forty two comments on a post about the weather? Whoever first suggested that there should be a whole channel devoted to nothing but meteorology was a genius. Will Jim Cantore be the first meteorologist President? He used to host ” Storm Stories. ” Now they’re calling them ” Cantore Stories. ” This very likable guy’s name has become synonymous with horrible weather.

  4. Katie Daly says:

    The Weather Channel pays my mortgage (and other bills) so we’re big fans of it in my house.
    Plus – Atlanta appears to be getting all the snow that missed Connecticut. Four hours of steady snow and it’s still coming.

  5. Kevin says:

    the day the weather died, when TWC/NBCU got rid of Dave Schwartz, that guy cracked me up, he was a good weather guy too. He had a cult following for years with the college age crowd.

    Check out the petition site, has a great intro, very fitting.

  6. stratos bonos says:

    what ever happened to fair weather man Charley Bagley, I liked him although one day when I was in high school he came into caldor where i worked at the time and he was a bit cranky.

    oh gosh I hope my spelling is ok…

  7. Jeff says:

    Top 10 Signs that spring is coming . . .

    10 Groundhog day was how many weeks ago?

    9 I think the sun set a little earlier today, didn’t it?

    8 It looks like the permafrost on the front walk is shrinking

    7 On Monday we’ll only have 2 months until tax deadline

    6 In one week the average daytime high will hit 40.

    5 The needles are starting to fall of the wreath on the front door.

    4 Isn’t it about time to move the box of Christmas decorations at the bottom of the stairs up to the attic?

    3 Dodging pot-holes on I-91 is being nominated as an Olympic sport

    2 Red Sox pitchres and catchers report for spring training ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

    1 The Husky women are closing in on an undefeated season . . . March madness will melt whatever snow is left behind! Way to go girls!

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