Behind the Wheel with Neil

Dan Neil is the car guy for the Los Angeles Times.  The Pulitzer Prize winning car guy.  He’s that good a writer. 

Dan Neil on PBS

See for yourself.  His recent columns are here

And if you like, here’s a piece on his tenuous relationship with his employer, the Tribune Company.  (To which many might say, “Join the club.”)

I’m not a car guy.  But I look forward to getting the paper on Saturdays for Dan Neil’s columns.  

I can’t think of a better compliment for someone who makes a living at the keyboard.  I don’t really care what he writes about, I just want to read his writing.  He’s that good.

UPDATE on 2/12/10: 

Neil has departed the Tribune-owned L.A. Times for the Wall St. Journal.  Here is the note he left for his colleagues.  It’s also a good example of why I’m a fan.


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