You Say Tomato…

During one of our 11pm newscasts last week, Keisha Grant said “two-thousand-ten” when referring to the year, and I said “twenty-ten.”

As I stared blankly into the lights, I mustered a thought.  “Hmmm…is there a right and a wrong on this one?” 

Lo and behold, that was the subject of Courant word guy Rob Kyff’s column today.  Cosmic, huh?  Judging by the reader comments, very few morons readers seemed to care. 

But I do, because I make my living with words.  And if you care too, here’s what Rob had to say about it.


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10 Responses to You Say Tomato…

  1. hendu says:

    I like to call it two-zero-one-zero but hey thats me…

  2. Linda says:

    Just after the New Year, the Today Show and Good Morning America each did a segment on how to pronounce 2010. I don’t remember all the reasons why, but the answer was a resounding twenty-ten. Not that they have the final authority…..

  3. graham says:

    I like tomAto and Twenty-Ten.

  4. Li'l Em-Kel says:



    Twenty-0-Nine (Checkbooks only)

  5. Ahhh yes, it’s me again putting in my two cents/two pennies whichever you want to call it. I did read the article in the Courant and smiled.

    We ‘Americans’ do have words that sound the same but are spelled differently i.e. the color red or I read a book – then again I gave a friend of mine a book to read – or is that a reed in the stream. Talking about getting confused! How is it that now that we have come into a New Year of course people would say that differently?

    I remember watching on Sundays Charles Osgood prounoucing 2009 as ‘Two Thousand ‘ought’ (spelling?) eight, not Two Thousand Nine. I must confess that I do say ‘Two Thousand Ten’ to me ‘Twenty Ten’ sounds like it’s a percentage or a score from a sports game.

    Ugh!! Sports,,, I have lost my voice due to the UCONN Men’s Basketball Game on Saturday and the two football games yesterday. Oh yeah there was the Kareokee on Saturday night as well. How my voice that was once a Soprano, has now turned into an Alto I’ll never know. That though is another subject….

  6. Marshall Miles says:

    I’m an old fashioned guy..dam it it’s two thousand ten.

  7. Arrrgh! Didn’t we have this problem back in, say, 2001 aka two-thousand-one aka twenty-oh-one?

  8. Sue D says:

    Two ten – simple…. then two eleven, two twelve, etc, til we get to 2100… by then we’ll all be dead…

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