The Exit Interview

Conan played himself off last night to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird.”  Nice choice, but Will Ferrell’s turn as the lead singer left me cold.

I know he “assumed the character,” but Ferrell’s starting to lose me.

My favorite bit was Steve Carell’s “exit interview.”  But then again, I find the concept of exit interviews perversely funny.  Or just perverse.

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One Response to The Exit Interview

  1. Normally I didn’t watch CoCo (Conan O’Brian), but I did watch his last two shows and thought they were funny. I did think when he was being honest when he said that working for NBC for the past 20 years of his adult life were great.

    Also about when he thanked his audience for what they have been doing for him this entire time. By standing out and camping out in the rain to get into to see the show. Conan was more ‘adult like’ this time when his show ended than when his other show ended, where he was ‘chopping up’ the set and giving it to his audience.

    In regards to Will Farrell, well, he was playing from a sketch he did on Saturday Night Live when Christopher Walked was on. Farrell played in a band with a shirt too small and he played the cowbell and Walken liked it. Also Farrell being ‘Buddy the Elf’ left a note on Facebook that he was going to be on COCO’s show.

    As for the song Freebird,,, well that I think was fitting, especially when he had Conan, come out and played his guitar. That part was great. I was sitting in my reciliner in my living room with my dog on my lap singing along with them.

    I know there were a lot of problems with the whole deal about Conan not wanting to do the ‘Tonight Show’ being on at 12:05,,, he had done a show prior to the tonight show that followed Leno and that was when he was in NY. He moved his family out to California, to do the Tonight Show and he wanted his ‘team’ with him. So now that he was leaving, he wanted to make sure his staff was taken care of as well. If I remember correctly, I think that either Maury Povich or Jerry Springer did the samething when they were going to have their show here in Connecticut – that was part of their deal.

    Once again, I degress. I did enjoy the show though I have to say I didn’t like Neil Young, but that is me, I just don’t like his singing unless he is with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

    So for the people who watched the Tonight Show will be ‘stuck’ with watching repeats until after the Olympics are done, or they will switch to David Letterman (who I had watched and couldn’t stand that he kept doing the same jokes day after day and they weren’t repeat shows), or swith to Jimmy Kimel (who I don’t find funny at all), or just find something else to watch.

    Long live COCO! Who went out with class.

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