Throw Me Higher!

A little over a month ago, I was patting myself on the back for exercising restraint at not charging into the dicey waters of Banderas Bay in Mexico.  “Until next time,” I said.

“Next time” came, and that restraint was long gone when I charged into the water to play in the sizable waves.

I wasn’t far from a father and son who were thoroughly enjoying themselves, and for the first time in forever, I flashed back to Sea Gull Beach on Cape Cod.   Back to the sixties.

“Throw me higher!”    That’s what my brothers and I would demand of our Dad when we were in the water.  He would pick us up, and throw us as high as he could into the gentle waves as they rolled in.

I wanted to tell the father and son to enjoy the moments like they were having because they seem to end so soon.  But that would have been presumptuous and  unnecessary.  They were having a ball.

I was lost in the memory and the moment, when a big breaker rolled in.   (To be continued.)


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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5 Responses to Throw Me Higher!

  1. Another heure bleue is coming up: Your first hour back at work. Welcome back!

  2. Sure leave with baited breath as to what comes next. Geeze, talk about ‘Details at 11:00’!

    I remember going to Ocean Beach many times when I was a kid. There were a few times when dad was with us, he worked hard at Kaman Areospace – at times he would put in six days to make sure the helicopters were up to par. He was Quality Control Inspector at the time. So most of the time going to beach was left up to my older brother when he came home from college. Seeing that there is a 12 year difference between my brother Jerry (Yes he really does spell it with a J but spells Gerald with a G so who knows how that happened. As in with our last names… both my brothers and I were born after dad came out of the service, but when dad came out his last name was spelled with another vowel in it. Out of the three of us, I’m the only one who was born with that vowel in it.

    I digress,,, at first I had been afraid of the waves. I think it was my dad who taught me how to ride the waves and I thought that had been so cool even if I went under. The water at times calmed me. I remember the sand castles we made then having the sea wash them away. I remember collecting shells (I wonder what ever happened to them… MOM did you throw out my shells?)

    There had been a few times going into the water and it was freezing!! Of course I would run back out to find my towel to get warm. Then my brother and his girlfriend would go in, she would scream and he would pick her up and throw her into the water. So there I was by myself sitting on the sand, and then ended up going into the water again, figuring if they can stay in there, then I could too. Boy was I wrong!!What was I thinking??? The water was FREEZING!

    Now I don’t get to the beach, it’s the pool at the apartment. Soon it will be an indoor pool for therapy, I have been told it will be a warm pool (Oh thank you!). I have an adversion of being in a cold pool during the winter. I had therapy at the pool at the Y in Middletown, which has two pools a warm one (nice!) and a ‘cool’ (COLD) one. I was looking forward to the warm pool, but my therapist said it would mess up my Multiple Sclerosis. I told him it wouldn’t but everytime I lost that fight and this also was in the winter. By the time I got home I had to have the heat on, and two quilts on me to get warm enough.

    I do admit during the summer if the water in the pool is cold, I do not go running (ok, I should say walking fast with my walker), I sit down on the steps til part of me gets used to the water. Normally there are kids there and I end up playing with them. Then they go farther into the water, so that means I have to as well.

    So Gerry, I want to thank you first for writing to us while you are away, and for letting somebody like me ramble on here. It is an awsome feeling. Please, let us know what comes next.

  3. graham says:

    Sea Gull Beach……….
    My Dad would do the same thing there with me and I fondly remember throwing my children into the oncoming waves there years ago. Now looking forward to throwing the grand-kids into the same waves.
    I like to think they are the same waves over and over again. Kind of makes it especially special. Just think how many generations have splashed and laughed in those same waves.
    Pretty cool.

    • Gerry says:

      Graham, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some of the greatest stretches of beach in the world. But the memories of Sea Gull will always be the best.

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