Having Way Too Much Winter Fun

Well, maybe not that much, but for some reason I’ve actually been enjoying the cold and snow.  I really have no idea why.

So there’s only one way to get back to normal.  Leave.  Get away.  Somewhere (ugh) warm.  Yeah, that’ll do it.

See you soon.  Talk to you sooner.  Maybe.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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14 Responses to Having Way Too Much Winter Fun

  1. Ok,, have to put in my ‘two cents’ or two snowballs, whichever you prefer here.

    Once again when I was younger (Oh man I feel so old!), we never had “Snow days”, we went to school no matter how much snow or ice we had gotten. I remember a few times when my mother drove two of my friends and I to school in Windsor to Sage Park Jr. High – we were on Deefield Park, and the car did a couple of spins. I thought it was ‘fantastic’ and asked my mom to do it again! It was like a ride on an amusement park. I couldn’t understand why mom told me to shut up! I mean she could have kicked us out of the car, but she didn’t, she drove us to school while the three of us just ‘giggled’ in the back seat.

    Then jump ahead 10 years when I had my firt spin out and I called mom to tell her how sorry I was when I was in the car with her when it spun out. She had no clue what I was talkin about which in a way was good…Phew she forgot about it!

    When we lived in Hartford and it would snow we would go sledding down a slight hill behind our house through the neighbors. My ‘wonderful’ older brothers let me be the first one to go down the hill. Then they would come out and pour more water down the hill until I ended up in the middle of Conventry St. Then the hill was good enough for them, their friends and any of our relatives from NY that came in for the weekend, but I wasn’t allowed on the sled anymore til they poured more water on the hill to see where I would end up. This is what happened due to my brothers being 8 and 12 years older than me.

    Now a days I get a ‘little nervous walking and being in the car when there is ice or a lot of snow on the road. In my first winter back in CT lest than a quarter mile from work, I had an accident with my car. A 180’s and 360’s the car bouncing off a telephone pole a few times – both on the passenger side which made since that is the side of the road it was on, but when the driver’s side hit the telephone pole I wasn’t too happy. Then my car finally ended up in what I thought were bushes, but was really in a tree!

    When the firemen and police came, they were telling me to be really careful after they ‘jumped up and down’ on my door to finish opening it. Then it was ‘don’t look at the car it’s totaled’. I turned around anyway (there are times when I’m told not to do something, I turn around and do it), and I said it could be fixed. Well the inurance company thought differently.

    So depending on what I’m going to do now in which I like the snow and cold or not. Since I will be in Cheshire this Saturday helping out with the Light the Night With Hope I want to thank all the weathermen. It seems I’m a jinx to whatever fund raiser I do except for the first two years being home. Now it pouring rain, or it’s now/freezing cold.

    Hey Jerry, do you have an extra fireplace I can borrow??

  2. Gerry says:

    Sharon, being a member of the Older Brothers Club, all I can say is, you gotta love us!

  3. You know what is ironic? My oldest brother’s name is the same as yours but he spells it as “Jerry”. Or if he’s in a hurry it’s ‘Jer’ and if I’m in a hurry I’m Shar as the world “Share”. As for the other brother,,, I have names for him, that I can’t use here. But Jerry calls him ‘Chuck’ (see what I mean not using certain words here!), I call him Charlie. Then he changes the spelling of that to Charley. Maybe I’ll call him Chuck or Charles. Hmmm my dog is growling as I typed to that. That can’t be that Snoopy doesn’t like him…NAH!

  4. Peter N says:

    I had SUCH a great time reading these comments. Thank you Sharon (Shar?) and as always, thanks Ger. Safe trip. We’ll miss you on the NBC thirty. HD, of course.
    Oh, I just received a Blu-Ray DVD (a present to myself) and it is totally amazing. Now we wait for 3D television. That’s a scary thought but not too far in the future. Time flies and so do we. Peter

    • Hi Peter,

      You are very welcome glad you liked what I wrote. I kept telling my folks that my brothers were trying to kill me, but my folks told me I didn’t know what I was talking about.

      One summer we were in a Bungalo Colony and my dad had an eight milameter camera and he took movie pictures with this. One of the ones he took shows evidence my brothers were up to no good when it came to me.

      I had to be four or five, and my mom was pulling me on a blow up raft in the pool. Then you see both of my brothers on the edge of the water, they both dive in and go under the raft and flipped it over so I would ‘sink’ to the bottom of the pool. My mom got me before I made it all the way down and she w3as going to take me out of the pool, but I didn’t want to. I knew if I did my dad would be upset about that.

  5. Sue D says:

    Are you SURE I can’t sell you a great place in sunny warm (ok, so it’s not really so warm now, but it will be….) state of Florida? The whole state’s on sale 🙂 And that’s a good thing for me. I think this is going to be my best year since I started 8 years ago! We finally bottomed out, and we’re on the way back up….

  6. Gerry, if you are going anywhere when you come back you have to bring us back soveniers. Hey it’s only fair! If you can’t do that, then you need to take us with you. It’s only fair!

  7. If you’re in Florida this week, let me know. I’ll Fedex a Care package to y’all. A case of your fave lager. DVDs. Mah Jongg. Indoor activities. The high in Miami was 46 today. Which I don’t need to tell you if you’re there. 46!

    Miami Ice!

    • Gerry says:

      Not in Florida, and that’s why we don’t go there in January. The weather’s usually good but not guaranteed.

      Have a so-so internet connection. More soon.

  8. Gerry's Mentor says:

    Once again I find my life an empty shell in your absence. I am wardering aimlessly through my day without your guidance. Will this agony ever end?

  9. Gerry's Mentor says:

    Oh I can’t resist. You are the wind beneath my wings……

  10. stratos bonos says:

    Gerry hope your having a great vacation… please come home and be the voice of reason over this whole conan, jay thing… I am busting

  11. Hey Gerry, where are our post cards??? Soveniers??? Pictures??? What is up with this stuff??

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