Father Brit

“Tiger Woods will recover as a golfer. Whether he can recover as a person, I think, is a very open question. And it’s a tragic situation … But the Tiger Woods that emerges once the news value dies out of this scandal, the extent to which he can recover, seems to me to depend on his faith.

He’s said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So my message to Tiger would be, “Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.”

That’s what Brit Hume said on Fox News Sunday.  Really.  If you need the video evidence, here it is.

I know some television news anchors who think the world revolves around them, what they believe, and what they have to say.  I’ve even worked with a few.  But this…


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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16 Responses to Father Brit

  1. Bob Porrazzo says:

    Gerry, by TV hosts who think the world revolves around them, would you happen to mean…

    Glenn Beck
    Bill o”Reilly
    Keith Olbermann
    Anderson Cooper

    In defense of Mr, Hume, he was giving a commentary. He of course stepped down as host of Special Report on Fox News to make way for the capable, if not so stern, Brett Baier.

    In terms of local news anchors, though, care to name drop? Sheehan, Terzi, any other name from the past?

  2. Sorry to break the bad news, Gerry, but it’s “Brit” with one “t”.

    IMHO if you’re talking TV hosts, how about Hannity?

  3. Hostis humanis generis!

  4. Don Ennis says:

    Made me sick to my stomach to watch. All he needs to do now to further destroy his once lofty reputation and formerly iconic stature among Washington reporters is to pee on the Metro (or NYC subway), preferably while delivering a commentary.

  5. Rick D says:

    Gerry I don’t know about bringing religion into a newscast, but I do not mind a little opinion once in a while. So the next time News 30 does their 3 hr coverage of a snow storm and asks a person at the gas station what he thinks about the snow; the reporter could follow up with “What are you doing out here? ”
    There ! one resolution taken care of.

    • Gerry says:

      I don’t mind a little opinion in the proper context either. And he made the comment on a Sunday morning talk show. But to diss an entire religion was just totally off the chart.

      As for snow coverage… 🙂
      I have seen positive steps in recent years. For instance, we don’t go nuts over 1-3″. We barely raise an eyebrow at 2-4″. A touch of tonal urgency sets in at 3-6, and multiple live shots don’t start until 4-8. And we have yet to do a “Don’t stick your hand in the snowblower” story. Now that’s improvement!

  6. Jamie Lazaroff says:

    To Bob Porrazzo

    I agree with the first three people on your list but Anderson Cooper?, come on. I have not heard one opinion from him like Beck or Billo. Anderson can make fun of himself and I also like that there is not a lot of yelling on his program.

    Just my opinion

    Jamie Lazaroff

  7. Open mouth, remove cross, insert foot…

  8. dac says:

    gerry who cares it’s an opinion. what we can’t issue those anymore in this country? as far as credibility goes i put far more cred in fox or msnbc/cnn

  9. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Christianity is fundamentally about a deity who forgives sin and redeems souls. I don’t know much about Buddhism. Is there any deity? Forgiveness? Redemption? Or is it a way to achieve personal improvement through individual endeavor?

    Hume’s remarks are probably inappropriate, but it looks like they are also probably right.

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