I saw the most marvelous sight today.

Kids.  In the street.  Playing street hockey in the snow.

Instead of camping in front of their computers or playing video games, they were outside…where kids should be…yelling and screaming and having a grand old time.

It got me to thinking about what Ma told the Brooks boys every single day of our adolescence (barring hurricanes, blizzards, locusts and pestilence).


Said with love, of course.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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6 Responses to Gooooooaaaaallll!

  1. Cat Summers says:

    Aww, the good old days…

    I remember them well..

    Least we not forget;;

    “Wait till your Father gets home”…

    We did and nothing ever happened…

  2. My guess is that what you saw was happening on inner city streets. Farmington? Nah. Avon? You gotta be kidding. Glastonbury? Yeah, right. East Hartford? Maybe. Hartford? North end? New Britain?

    I’ll go with New Britain.

    Hope you took a pic. There must be evidence of kids still playing ( independently ) outdoors. Maybe that Umass/BU game at Fenway pushed them outdoors. What a concept! Playing hockey out where its freezing. As we did when we were kids.

    Good news, Gerry. Good eye.

  3. You reminded me of my youth out in our back yard we set up a “street hockey” rink (more like half court in basketball!) I used to play goalie (Gump Worsley and Eddie Giacomin were my hero’s, so that is who I was on an alternating basis!).

    I never won the Stanley Cup!

  4. graham says:

    We had to be home from the pond (hockey season) when the street lights came on.
    Now, was that in the house when they came on, or leaving the pond when they came on?
    Never did get that right?

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