Give Me An Inch

I didn’t have a true Inch Moment this year.

There were lots of great times, wonderful people and nice places, but never that one magical moment.  And that’s OK.  Those moments are so very perfect, I don’t think they’re meant to be had every year.

This being a week to look back, my Inch Moment of the decade came the night of October 27, 2004.

It wasn’t so much that the Red Sox finally won the World Series.

It was the people I talked to…the people I thought of… on my way home from work.  Joanne Nesti’s call, right after Joe Castiglione’s “Can you believe it?.” The call to my mother, who had waited a lifetime for the moment, and whose sense of history wouldn’t let her miss it.  The memories of her father, who took me and my brother to our first games at Fenway.  And of my father, who wasn’t a rabid fan, but would have appreciated the moment.  At home, my wife had a drink and congratulations waiting.  And despite the fact it was her birthday, she gave me a gift.  Solitude.  To sit, sip, watch the replays and the postgame, and enjoy.

What a nice, warm, peaceful moment.  An Inch Moment.

It will never happen again.  It can’t.  But the memory is so good, so good, so good.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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9 Responses to Give Me An Inch

  1. Mine might have happened back in January. Standing on Fort Myers Beach in Florida, I looked southwest and saw what looked like a city out there in the Gulf of Mexico. I checked the map. Impossible. There was nothing out there on the map. But I saw a city. High rise buildings. The whole deal. A mirage? I asked a lot of people what the hell was it I was seeing? They had answers, but no explanation.

    And I love Dan McCarthy’s comment about driving to Maine just because he felt like it. Dan might just be part of my tribe.

  2. Dee says:

    The Red Sox win – holy cow that truly was a moment! It can still make me well up. The thought of my two Grandfathers listening to every single game on transistor radios – the constant hope of a series win never coming to fruition.
    This year though, I had a glorious spirit filling moment, on a boat to the island of Capri – Mount Vesuvius looming in the distance. I will never forget the incredible beauty – here’s to 2009 goodbye and thank you!

  3. graham says:

    My “Best Ever” moment was July 4, 2008. That’s the day my wife survived a heart attack on the first green of a Cape Cod golf course and changed our lives forever.
    So tommorrow night I’ll be giving thanks for her good health and looking forward to many more years together.

    And as we look to 2010………….Go Red Sox!

  4. Bill says:

    Just think, the Sox won the World Series again just three years later. And it was a good decade for the Patriots. Remembering April, 2004…UConn became the only school to win men’s and women’s NCAA basketball championships in the same year.

    • Gerry says:

      It was a hell of a sports decade for our little corner of the world.

    • Bob Porrazzo says:

      Don’t forget in ’08–Celtics raise banner 17 thanks to K-G, Walter Ray Allen and THE TRUTH!

      And Bill, as a UCONN grad (’96) I take pride in knowing I went to a school with a basketball program so successful it would do something we are likely to never ever see again, have the men and women win the National Championship.

      But you know that first men’s crown in 1999–it was not expected to happen. UCONN with the upset of Duke. 2004 was another story. The Huskies were EXPECTED to get to the Final Four and perhaps win it all. Well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED TIMES TWO!

      Not looking to start a debate but if you ask me, UCONN’s ultimate double play should be the number one moment in CT sports history.

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