What’s With Maine?

Maine’s the 10th happiest state?  What’s up with that?

Connecticut (#2), Massachusetts (#8), and Rhode Island (#10) make the unhappy top ten, upholding the image of the crusty Yankee.  (Once I achieved my goal of being described as “sophomoric,” I moved on to “crusty.”  Just like the sound of it.)

Where does Maine get off being the happiest New England state? What are they doing up there, singing sea shanties while they rip open two-pound lobsters?

My boss is a Mainer.  And come to think of it, he often has a cheshire cat look about him that suggests he has achieved some kind of inner happiness or peace that we Southern New Englanders will never know.  (Maybe we can beat it out of him.)

Vermont (#18) and New Hampshire (#27) are in the middle of the pack.  So they must have some good days with their bad days, while we are apparently perpetually pissed off.

I say let’s band together, head up north, and kick some Maine ass.  Why should they be happy?  Huh?


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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13 Responses to What’s With Maine?

  1. Rick D says:

    I’am with you, Gerry!! Lets go get those damn C’nuck wannabees. Just let me finish the tail section of this 1-1/2 pounder.

  2. Yeah, screw Maine! Obviously, Mainers are the rednecks of New England.

  3. haha, I love Darrell’s comment “Yeah, screw Maine! Obviously, Mainers are the rednecks of New England”. I reside in Maine, and I am not a redneck by any means. Its apparent by the subtle bitterness that Darrell needs to take a trip to Vacationland. 🙂

  4. marten says:

    Gerry, for a long time now you are one of the people making CT bearable…thank you! Maybe you could start teaching classes to the other Nutmegers?

  5. hendu says:

    I’ve been too maine…..too the deep woods of maine right on the border. We couldn’t go out at night in fear of the bugs picking us up and taking us kids away. How can anyone be happy living like that??? Of course there are a lot of bars in Maine, maybe thats it. Not happiness but drunkenness. I have often confused the two

  6. Sue D says:

    And then there’s Florida … up VERY near the top of the happiness meter 🙂

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