The Power Broker II

In 1966, Joe Lieberman wrote a book called “The Power Broker.”  It was a biography of one of his political heroes, John Bailey, the godfather of the modern Democratic party in Connecticut.

Now Lieberman finds himself “the power broker” in the Senate health care debate.  But what would John Bailey make of his role?

As Lieberman pointed out in a subsequent volume on Bailey, “The Legacy,” the late state and national party chairman always backed ”the bird who can fly, not the pigeon who can’t get off the ground.”

No doubt Joe Lieberman is spreading…flexing…his political wings right now.  But the stunning development is the reaction of  3 of  his Connecticut colleagues in the House.  John Larson, Rosa DeLauro, and Chris Murphy now see Lieberman as a pigeon.   DeLauro’s comments to POLITICO about her New Haven neighbor are downright bitter.

It’s my place to report on Joe Lieberman’s politics, not to analyze them or pass judgment.  But knowing where he’s been, I wonder where he’s going.

And I wonder how John Bailey would see him now.  As the bird who can fly, or as that pigeon on the ground.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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6 Responses to The Power Broker II

  1. Lieberman is no pigeon…
    Joe’s a Dodo Bird….
    The last one…
    Heading for extinction.
    He has Joementum.

    “Wolf, be excited. This is Joementum here in New Hampshire.” —Sen. Joseph Lieberman to Wolf Blitzer, on his momentum leading up to the New Hampshire Primary

    Lighting DOES strike twice!

  2. Peter N says:

    Joe, who I respect immensely, almost always puzzles me from time to time. I’m not the only one…that’s for sure.
    Happy holidays, Gerry.

  3. Kevin says:

    I have zero respect for Joe and dislike him immensely. He hasn’t been the same since he got a taste of the national spotlight back in 2000, like Palin today he been doing anything to be the continuous center of attention.
    My advice to anyone who has trouble sleeping is, watch a clip of a Joe Lieberman speech, it’s cheaper than ambien.

  4. Bill says:

    Joe has forgotten his roots, and he has lost his way.

  5. euandus2 says:

    It is no accident that one Senator can be an obstructionist. He, and the filibuster for that matter, remind us that the governmental sovereignty allowed the state governments is what is really represented in the US Senate (unlike in the US House of Reps). As frustrating as it is, there is a trade off in wiping this out in favor of remaking the US Senate on the basis of the principles of the US House…trade offs given the scale of the US. and what the US is. For this argument, pls see

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