Season Over

“It never rains here in December, amigo.”

“Good to know.”

I stood there and watched it pour at Vista Vallarta, home of two lovely golf courses just outside Puerto Vallarta.  As they say in Mexico, c’est la vie.

I was fortunate enough to play three times while I was away, and the best was the last.

Thursday.  Perfect weather.  Dandy company…Dan and Steve, two nice guys from California.  Older.  (It’s still nice to be the young guy every now and then.) Superb course, El Tigre in Nuevo Vallarta.

El Tigre. Lots of water. Only 2 balls took a bath.

I knew this would be my last round of 2009.  I played free and loose.  I hit two shots that will get me through the winter just thinking about how sweet they were.

This was a golf season like any other.  Some days I played well, other days I did not.  I did not break 80, which I still believe I’m capable of.  Joy and frustration, platitudes and profanity, great shots and missed 3-foot putts.  No matter how I played, the beer was still cold afterward, and the company was always good.

I cleaned the clubs and tucked them away in the basement today.

2010.  It’ll be my year.  I just know it.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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4 Responses to Season Over

  1. Pitchers and catchers is not that far away…and April 5 ( The Masters) will be here before you know it… hope always springs eternal in baseball and golf…they help feed our soul!

  2. Welcome home, amigo. One of these years maybe I can get you to head down to NC to play our course on Christmas Day. It’s the one day of the year when all can play for free. I started my annual tradition last year. The second annual Yourflyis Open is next week.

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