Civic Pride

As a subscriber, I got an email from the Hartford Courant. is running a promotion touting “Providence for the Holidays.”  You can win a Providence Winter Getaway!

Really.  Swear to god.  Don’t believe me?  Click here.

Just wondering if the Providence Journal is running a “Hartford for the Holidays” promotion.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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9 Responses to Civic Pride

  1. A winter getaway to Providence is first prize? What’s second prize? Two all expense paid trips to Ciancity? Just where I’d want to spend a weekend in winter. Killington? Nah. Stowe? Nah? Providence! Yeah!

  2. Next thing you know the Courant will be offering weekend getaways to Torrington and Jewett City. I know gasoline is expensive but this is ridiculous.

  3. Rick D says:

    You guys are brutal. Providence has a great zoo. (do not know if it is open in the winter) skip that point. It has a popular AHL hockey team. The city itself was built up from a real terrible place to visit. Sound familar Hartfordites. Busy college town. That may not be a selling point either. But it is more interesting than it was, say 15 years ago. If I won I would be more than happy to go. Did I mention that it is in Rhode Island? Which is not such a bad state visually speaking.

  4. Who wants to spend the holidays in PROVIDENCE?!?! What’s next, Valentine’s Day in Putnam?

  5. Rick D.

    I was living in R.I. last year. You’re right. Providence has a great zoo. Unfortunately it’s located in the state house. And. ” Busy college town?” Our niece went to Brown a couple of years ago. Got her masters in planetary geology. She knows more about the surface of Mars than she does of Down City. If you see a Brown, RISD or PC student down city. Call 911. They’ve been kidnapped.

  6. Chip Gorra says:

    This may be 40+ years old, but it is still a valid assessment of Rhode Island: you only need to watch the first minute or two to get the drift…LOL

  7. Rick D says:

    Wow!!! I guess no one will be attending the Rhode Island Fan Club dinner/dance this year.

  8. If you don’t win Gerry, WHDD will put you up for a weekend at The Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT (it’s much neater than Providence)

    • Gerry says:

      And I’ll take it!

      Actually, that was my whole point. Why is the major metropolitan daily having a contest for a trip to Providence?

      Why not Hartford? Or Lakeville?

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