Solitude and Temptation

I was at Corbins Corner in West Hartford the other day with a few minutes to kill, so I dropped into the Verizon store to find out when I was due for a new phone on the “New Every Two” plan.

“January, 2008.”


“You were notified.”

“I’m sure I was.”

I don’t use my cell phone much.  I’m on the 300-minute plan, which is way more than enough.  But there it was.  The Droid.  And the voice in my head.

“You want a new toy.”

“But I don’t need it.”

“New toy.  Apps.  You want it.”

“I’d barely use it.”

“So what?  You want it.”

The next day, I went to hit golf balls for a while.  No one else was on the range.  Then I played nine holes by myself.  Two balls on every hole.  No one else around.  I reveled in my solitude.

And it was there that “I don’t need it” took a commanding lead over “You want it.” I couldn’t imagine a phone call or an email disrupting the tranquility. (For the record, I never take the phone on the course.)

Still, the inner battle continues.  I think it’s the apps.



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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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21 Responses to Solitude and Temptation

  1. Doug says:

    friend of mine dropped his iPhone a few weeks ago on concrete. splintered the plastic/glass front… they made him pay for another one… hopefully that’s not the typical treatment. if i have to pay for it when i accidentally drop it i guess i’d like it to be as cheap as my current nokia flip phone which was about $40 i think.

    but MAN those iPhones though!? you know what i mean?

  2. Sue D says:

    I laughed out loud when I read your inner conflict .. I’m with you all the way. New every two was also in ’08, and I REALLY want a cool phone with all those apps…. Droid, NOT any toy that requires AT & T… then there’s the Motorola v. someone else decision. And the monthly charges… but oh, those apps! Did you know there’s an app to help you read the green? YIKES! What to do? Procrastinate – I really want an Iphone that’s with Verizon… but they’re not there yet..

  3. I have a cell phone. Almost never use it, but it’s there when and if I need it. Like a sand wedge in an emergency.
    Apps? I am so behind the 21st century curve. I’m assuming it stands for applications, which reminds me of when I was 18 and applying for college. Not a good memory on the old hard drive.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Gerry.

  4. Doug says:

    i guess i’m one of those people who’s in the trap all the time.

    we actually gave up the home phone a few weeks ago. the only people who called that line were telemarketers and my in-laws…

  5. hendu says:

    It will be mine, oh yes it will be!!

  6. uglymike says:

    Ger – I have the Droid, and I love it… it’s disgusting what it can do (disgusting = GOOD in this case ?!)

  7. Kirk says:

    So, Gerry if you wait until January 2010–do you get Two Every Four? (I’m thinking probably not) The Droid rocks (and this from a die-hard iPhone owner) and you’ll enjoy it. (Probably more as portable internet/email/apps machine than as mobile phone.)

    I’ve recommended it to four other people who now love their Droid. Best phone now on Verizon Wireless. Take the plunge.

  8. Gerry's Mentor says:

    The Further Adventures of Ger, A Boy and His _____________

  9. graham says:

    I’m with Gerry. We turn our cell on almost every weekend jut to make sure it still has a charge. We are on the phone all day at work and at the end of the day, I LOVE THE QUIET.
    There is just too much emphasis on “staying in touch” for me.
    Don’t feel bad about the old phone Gerry. We just got one with a camera in it last summer because the old one died. Seems you can’t get one without a camera anymore.
    Then had to have an old friend of yours program it for us so we could send and receive pictures. Why do they call it a phone when it’s really a camera that makes phone calls?
    Those Apps look like fun, but I prefer to EAT my apps.
    Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    • Gerry says:

      Graham, I’m trying to decide whether to be near the head of the line, or 5 years behind, as usual. We shall see.

      And a very happy Thanksgiving to you!

  10. Kathryn D. says:

    Ditto, Graham! I could not agree more!

    Happy Thanksgiving all! 🙂

  11. Roberta says:

    My teenage son got one of the industrial strength phones, you know the ones that can be dropped from the top of a mountain, put under the water, etc…well he sure put it to the test. He dropped it into a town drain & the town crew was kind enough to get it out. It sat in 3′ of water for 15 hours and still worked when we got it back. The phone then went through the wash & dryer and still worked. Great phone…then Corey got this idea, let me see if it will make phone calls while underwater. I received two missed calls from him that day, so it must have worked. Then he figured, let me see if it will take pictures underwater, he tried not once but twice and the phone failed. Needless to say, he has been without a phone since August but it would be a good commerical.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. #2 says:

    Get the golf course GPS app , that way you can multi task on the course and call everyone when you make the occasional par, sorry meant to say birdie .

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