The Voice

I finally have a name to attach to The Voice.

I hear The Voice on Monday nights as I’m driving home from work.  He’s the announcer on Westwood One’s radio coverage of Monday Night Football.  Not the play-by-play guy or the analyst.  The announcer.  As in, “Monday Night Football on Westwood One, brought to you by…”

The Voice is Barry White times two.  The Voice won’t shatter glass, but it might cause foundations to crumble.  The Voice won’t scare babies, but it might cause grown men to tremble.

Listen.  To The Voice.

The Voice comes out of the mouth of a man named David Lee.

There is a 35 year old case of jealousy working here.   At my first full-time radio job at WAVZ-AM, New Haven (The Lucky 13!), an L.A.-based consultant had to approve my news shift change from overnights to mornings.  I knew my voice wouldn’t pass muster.  But disc jockey/techno-wizard Pete (Stone) Salant took one of my tapes, ran it through a magic machine (I never understood the technical stuff) which knocked the voice down a few octaves, and I was morning-drive bound.  Pete now does this for a living.

My own voice has sufficed since then.

But there is no voice like The Voice.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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7 Responses to The Voice

  1. uglymike says:

    Dave Lee is the man, Ger ! Almost as good as NFL awesomeness-guy (and fellow Philly guy) John Facenda… BUT, that’s for another day !!

  2. Gerry

    There are at least two kinds of voices. The ones we hear, and the one we read. The voice we ” hear ” on your blog is the kind of voice we all need to listen to every now and then. It’s like the pilot’s voice when the plane hits the turbulence.

  3. Pete Salant says:

    The Voice that comes out of your mouth every evening on NBC30 sounds authoritative and honest. The Voice is distinct and clear, conversational, freewheeling, and easy to understand. It makes me feel smarter when I hear it. It’s the voice that, along with your superior writing and journalistic judgment, has kept you in one of the most important television anchor seats in the country all these years.

    Now THAT’s saying something.

  4. Joan says:

    All I could think of while listening to “the voice” was watching Bill Hader on SNL. He does take-offs of movie stars, etc. with that kind of deep, dramatic voice. It’s very funny.

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