Double The Digits

Every now and then, a little change reminds me that I’ve been around awhile.  What’s that word I’m looking for?  Oh yeah.  Old.

I remember when a postage stamp was three cents.  Now it’s 44.  (I had to check.)

I remember when my mother gave me two quarters to buy her two packs of cigarettes.  (How strange does that sound now?) Now they cost, well, thank heaven I quit.

423063840_9ec11d3c37And I remember when we had to dial only five digits to make a local phone call. Our number was 20278.  TRinity 20278. I liked those prefixes.  It gave you an identity of sorts.  My grandparents were BEacon.  The family plumbing business was COmmonwealth 63613 (and still is, as I just discovered!).

And, of course, you actually had to dial.  You liked telephone numbers with lots of ones, twos and threes.  Quick to dial.  Nines and zeros seemingly took forever.  And the phones sat on a table or desk.  Not to be moved.  Heavy enough to be classified as a blunt object.

Then TR turned into 87, and the seven-digit dialing era was underway.  Then came area codes, which also provided an identity of sorts (who was happy to give up 203 for 860, huh?).

Saturday begins the era of 10-digit dialing, even to call your next-door neighbor.  The latest little change that reminds me that I’m…(sigh).

But that’s good.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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7 Responses to Double The Digits

  1. hendu says:

    not old, you are experienced.

  2. My old friend, the poet Thomas Lux. His father was a milkman. Got up real early and delivered the milk to the folks in our home town in western Massachusetts. Tom’s mother was a telephone operator. When I was a kid I’d pick up the phone and hear a voice:

    ” Number please.”

    Every now and then it would be Tom’s mother’s voice I would hear. Thinking back to those days, thinking about cell phones and I phones and such. Tom’s mother’s words are like poetry. Never learned by some, and forgotten by many.

  3. Rick D says:

    Gerry, Mine was riverview 99218. also we had the really fun “party lines”. Remember those?

  4. Cat Summers says:

    My folks still have a rotary dial phone in their home,
    What can I say…………… : (

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