‘Roids On The Range?

Doug Barron, who has graced the fairways of Cromwell several times over the years, has the distinction of becoming the first player on the PGA Tour to fail a drug test.  He’s been suspended for a year.

You might think he was found out by those 375-yard drives he was booming, but the truth is he’s 40 years old, stands 5-foot-9, and averages 277 yards off the tee.  That’s not terribly far by big league golf standards.  He apparently got caught by being told to pee in a cup on the wrong day. 


You don't take PEDs to achieve this physique. I know.

Barron has bounced between the PGA and Nationwide tours for several years without winning anything.  That means he’s no Tiger or Phil, but he’s still good enough to make a living playing golf.  There are far more Doug Barrons than there are Tigers and Phils.  While the endorsement-rich Tigers and Phils hop their private jets, the Barrons are independent contractors, largely faceless, many of whom survive from tournament to tournament.  

After years of effort, Doug Barron has finally made a name for himself on the PGA Tour.

The hard way.


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