Did I Just Hear That?

I was driving to work Sunday, listening to Tom Brady and the Patriots enjoying their trip to London at the expense of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

An ad came on.  It sounded different, and it was different. 

I heard a reference to linemen and their “sacks.”  As it turned out, the ad was for a local urologist, pushing his new “no needle, no scalpel” vasectomy.  The punch line was, “You want an experienced quarterback to handle your footballs.”

“Wow, they’ve got 15 year old boys writing commercials now,” I thought.  I found myself in that netherworld between amused and appalled. 

I was, however, intrigued enough to do a little background research into the doctor, and what I found was enough to make me not want to mention his name.  Seems he pleaded guilty a few years ago to charging insurance companies for free cancer drug samples he used on patients.  And he lost his license to practice in New York. 

Appalled rallied late in the fourth quarter to beat Amused. 

And if I were in the market for a vasectomy, I’d find another quarterback to handle my footballs.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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8 Responses to Did I Just Hear That?

  1. Doug says:

    yeow! nice…

  2. Linda says:

    A great way to start my Monday morning….with a smile on my face……..

  3. Good to Know! says:

    Shouldn’t CT have known about this guy??

    THIS is why malpractice rates are soo high for doctors—because our state allows doctors who have had big problems to keep practicing!

    We should get rid of the bad doctors instead of allowing them to hurt patients—NOT put a limit on how much patients injured by these guys are allowed to collect as damages!

  4. Advertising, at its best, can be very, very good. It’s a big reason why some people watch the Superbowl. On the other hand…

    There are times when I’m reluctant to inform people I have much experience writing ad copy. The VW ads back in the 60s were masterpieces. Many of the Superbowl spots each year are gems. Then there’s the kind of crap you describe here. Sophomoric is too gentle a word to characterize the doc spot. There’s a lot of that stuff out there. Those 15 year old boys are probably driving Lexuses and living in 5,000 sq. ft houses in Laurel Canyon. From what I see, they’re both very busy.

  5. Ed the Yankees fan says:

    Nice work, Gerry!
    Scary part, though, is that he lost his license in NY so he packed up and moved to OUR state. Lucky us!

    Caveat Emptor, I guess.

    • Gerry says:

      Ed, from what I can gather, he’s always been here, but also had a license in NY.

      From what I can piece together, the issue is more one of character than capability. But it pays to do your homework, especially for doctors.

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