See You In McCourt

You can have Jon & Kate, Octo-Mom, and Balloon Boy.  I’ll take the McCourts.  Frank and Jamie.

Frank and Jamie McCourt wanted to buy the Boston Red Sox seven years ago and build a new ballpark on land they owned.  But the baseball gods interceded.  The Red Sox went to John Henry & Co.  Two years later, the McCourts bought the Dodgers, and went Hollywood.

Now, the McCourts are getting divorced.  They announced their separation as the playoffs started.  That certainly explained why they were sitting in different rows in the same section.  And as soon as the Dodgers got bounced, Frank fired Jamie as the team’s CEO.

The Brolins with the McCourts in happier days.

The Brolins with the McCourts in happier days.

Clearly, this is not, as they say, an “amicable” split.  Both want the team. 

Joe Torre thought Steinbrenner gave him a headache?  And, as every baseball wag in the country has asked, “Who gets custody of Manny?”

This is gonna be good.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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3 Responses to See You In McCourt

  1. Doug says:

    great manny kicker… 😀

  2. When I first heard a few years ago that Frank McCourt had bought the Dodgers I wondered if he was going to change the name of the team to The Los Angeles Ashes.

    Then I realized: It’s not THAT Frank McCourt.

  3. Let the lumberjacks on the Sprint commercial split up the assets!

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