Like A Rock

Since the wee hours of Sunday morning, when his phone rang at a time it never rings with good news, Randy Edsall has been a rock.

Edsall addresses the media.

Edsall addresses the media.

Edsall looks like he came from central casting, and his performance this week in the face of tragedy has been Oscar-worthy.

But he’s not an actor, and this was no scripted drama.   He’s a football coach dealing with real, butt-ugly life.

Jasper Howard survived the meanest streets of Miami, only to meet his violent end in Cow Town, Conn. 

Randy Edsall brought Howard to Storrs, and Edsall will close the circle when he brings his team to Miami for Howard’s funeral.   The burden must be immense.  Edsall grieves for a “son,” as he watches over his other 100+ “sons” who grieve for their “brother.”   Some of them will need help even he is incapable or unqualified to give.  He will make sure they get it.

I hope Edsall has someone at UConn who watches over him.  Someone who will make sure he gets help if he needs it, too. 

No one, not even the rock-solid coach, is immune.

(One postscript.  When there’s a crash, airlines pull their advertising off the air.  I understand Dunkin’ Donuts is an official sponsor of UConn football, and pays to have its logo on the background for news conferences.  Perhaps it’s a minor detail, but I think the school and the sponsor would have been better served by its absence.)


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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5 Responses to Like A Rock

  1. Doug says:

    Nice thoughts. And certainly the DD logo was an oversight but you’re absolutely right about that.

    • Gerry says:

      I absolutely agree it was an oversight during a chaotic time. It just looked really weird to see the grieving parents standing in front of the DD logo.

  2. Ed the Yankees fan says:

    Really nice piece, Gerry.
    I remember Edsall when he and I were both at Syracuse U. He was a back-up QB charting plays and he briefly dated my next door neighbor. I always liked him.
    And I agree about the logo. May not have been DD’s fault. (Perhaps UConn could have changed the backdrop to a solid curtain just for this press conf?)

    • Gerry says:

      I’m glad he’s stuck around to build the program. And again, I don’t think that backdrop was anyone’s fault. I’m sure it wasn’t top of mind at the moment.

  3. Husky4Ever says:

    I give Coach Edsall so much praise and respect. I can’t imagine what he’s going though. I can’t fathom how he must feel to lose a member of his team, someone who he considered one of his “sons”. But his burden doesn’t end there, because he had to identify the body, he had to look Jazz’s mom in the eyes and find the words to say, and now he has to fly his whole team down to Florida to lay such a young man to rest. I can’t imagine how he must feel. But I hope he feels a little better knowing he has the whole state of CT behind him, and people all over the world. He’s a world-class coach and man. My prayers are for him, as well as everyone involved in this awful tragedy.

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