Bum Rush?

During my comings and comings today, I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about his “dismissal” from the group looking to buy the St. Louis Rams. 

I wasn’t sure the firestorm over his bid to own a piece of the team was warranted.  I even thought it unfair.  Then I saw him quoted as saying what happened to him was an illustration of “Obama’s America on full display.” 

And that’s when it dawned on me.  It’s not about America.  It’s not about Obama.  It’s not about the NFL.  It’s all about Rush. 

Jack McCallum has been a respected writer/reporter for Sports Illustrated for a long time.  I have no idea what his politics are, and I don’t think it makes any difference.  If you care,  read what he has to say.  I thing he sums it up quite nicely.


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17 Responses to Bum Rush?

  1. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Sounds to me like McCallum’s right. The question is, if all this is true, why did Checketts and the others ask him in?

  2. Li’ em

    I don’t know much about poker. But I’m guessing whom one invites to sit down at the table invites others…

    You know what I mean.

    • Li'l Em-Kel says:

      I don’t know what you mean.

      Are you saying that they invited Limbaugh to join the group, and then he invited others they didn’t like? That Limbaugh surprised them?

  3. You don’t know what I mean because my comment was poorly written. What I meant to say was:

    Say you’re hosting a poker game at your house Saturday night. Those you invite ask who else is going to be there. You say, Doug Flutie. Or A-Rod. Or Michael Savage. Interesting guys. Guy guys. With lots of money. Guys poker players would love to sit at the same table with.

    I didn’t mean Rush would invite, but that’s what I wrote. My bad.

  4. Jerry says:

    As I’ve always stated, Rush Limbaugh is in the business of ‘Rush Limbaugh’, and this works to his favor no matter which way it goes.

    • Gerry says:

      Jerry, no question. I interviewed him years ago, just as he was breaking nationally. He said then what he says now. He’s in the Rush Limbaugh entertainment business.

  5. Bob Porrazzo says:

    TO me this is about the way corporate media operates with support from foreign central banks and especially from leftists. There is more of an underlying current and it has to do with these three words


    Which in the mind of this believer in the Constitution is ANYTHING BUT! Sure the fascists at Media Matters and other Democrat/fascist enabler groups can use terms like localism and diversity. BUT IT ALL STILL ADDS UP IN THE FINAL EQUATION TO THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE! And it may even involve stations giving kickbacks to NPR/PBS, the ultimate in the liberal spin machine. Even bigger than Jeff Immelt and his ownership of GE/NBC/Universal.

    And in terms of so-called Conservative media, same corporate influence running the newsrooms creating the false left-right paradigm that has become talk radio for many these years.

    In fact, NewsCorp (Fox News) is 20% run by a SAUDI PRINCE


    Not to mention Murdoch serves on The Council On Foreign Relations. In a nutshell, CFR wants one thing…ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT; NO BORDERS, ONE WORLD CURRENCY. The late Senator Barry Goldwater showed who this group of world elites are in this article from 1979…


    This section sets it up the best…

    “I believe that the Council on Foreign Relations and its ancillary elitist groups are indifferent to communism. They have no ideological anchors. IN THEIR PURSUIT OF A NEW WORLD ORDER, THEY ARE PREPARED TO DEAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE WITH A COMMUNIST STATE, A SOCIALIST STATE, a democratic state, a monarchy, an oligarchy – its all the same to them.

    THEIR GOAL IS TO impose a benign stability on the quarreling family of nations through merger and consolidation. THEY SEE THE ELIMINATION OF NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, THE SUPPRESSION OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC LOYALTIES, as the most expeditious avenue to world peace. They believe economic competition is the root cause of international tension.”

    And that’s just a sample.

    By the way, I listen online for talk radio.

    Laurie Roth (http://therothshow.com/)

    And…brace yourselves…ALEX JONES (http://www.prisonplanet.com/)

  6. Gerry

    If you ever quit your day job and get work as a radio talk show host, my guess is Bob will be a regular caller.

  7. TonyC says:

    Gerry, your 10:43 comment was a laugh-out-loud moment. Thanks.

  8. Rick D says:

    Gerry, I would like to point out that everyone, and I do mean everyone, who is the radio biz, or tv news biz or even to some extent the print media biz, are in the “self” business. It is all about Ego, and lf you do not have one you would not have chosen that industry. Nuff said.

  9. Sayitsnotso says:

    Dave Checketts was a wet noodle. He knew the controversy this would create, Rush asked him “are you sure”. Then he dumps him like a hot potato, some so-called friend. In any event, Rush would have been a ‘miniority’ owner, so what. As we’re seeing J-Lo, Fergie and other celebrities are miniority owners. Some of their song lyrics are very questionable and their lifestyles might not hold up to the same scrutiny as Rush as been under. I’m not a Rush listener but believe his involvement was blown way out of proportion. What do Al and Jesse do for a living anyways besides patting themselves on their backs now for playing a part in having Rush removed? What has become of the press for assisting their effort….sad….

  10. Rick D says:

    Gerry, I love you man!!!!

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