I Told You So

You wear losers uniforms, you’re gonna lose. 

I told you after Week One, after the Patriots narrowly escaped an opening loss to the Bills.  The retro unis have to go.  Let me repeat, nothing good can come from bringing Pat Patriot out of retirement.  Nothing. 

Tommy Touchdown just looks better in blue with Flying Elvis on the side of his helmet.

Gisele likes me better in blue, too.
Gisele likes me better in blue, too.



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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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16 Responses to I Told You So

  1. Doug says:

    agreed… awful karma

    you put that uniform back on and suddenly it’s 46-3 Bears all over again in new orleans.

  2. richb says:

    As I was correcting papers I happened to glance up at the screen and I swear I thought I saw Babe Parelli at QB.

  3. Gery, start the internet campaign…Bring back The Flying Elvis!

  4. True. But nothing can compare, uglywise, to what the Broncos were wearing yesterday. Looked like material torn off the seats of a Studebaker.

  5. Joan says:

    The retro uniforms are horrible! I asked my husband why they are doing this and he had no answer. I was thinking, it’s a huge investment for them for a couple of games!? it wouldn’t be so bad if they looked somewhat good. I agree the Broncos yesterday were REALLY bad!

  6. graham says:

    I bet the officiating crew felt very proud in those shirts with orange stripes. I noted that the referee was only in his second year in that job. Must have been the low man on the totem pole to pull that assignment.

  7. They’re going to sell replicas of those things? Great time of year to do that. Some kid shows up at my door Oct. 31 , standing next to his sis in a Sarah Palin costume, him dressed in a Bronco retro uniform, I’ll know it wasn’t such a bad idea. Maybe they can sell some to al qaeda. The bastards need to start wearing uniforms. What better ones to wear than what Denver donned yesterday afternoon? They’d stand out like Red Coats. Fish in a barrel.

    Sorry. Mixed metaphors. I’ll fess up before Li’l em Safire corrects me.

  8. Lori Galvin says:

    But those Giants look pretty good! I’m talking uniforms and performance!

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