The Office

Pam & Jim  (Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski)

Pam & Jim (Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski)

A happy ending for Jim and Pam on “The Office.”  They got married.  I think everyone who watches “The Office” likes Jim and Pam because they’re so beautifully average.

What’s not average about “The Office” is that many of the cast members also get credit as “writer,” “producer,” and “executive producer.”

No fewer than 17 people are credited as “executive producer” or “co-executive producer.”  That’s a lot of bosses.  (And just what is the difference between an executive producer and a co-executive producer.  Given that there are so many of them, doesn’t that make them all co-executive producers?  Huh?)

By the way, the star, Steve Carell, gets a simple “producer” credit.

Six people are credited as “consulting producer.”  (A title I fail to understand.  Who do they consult?  The 17 executive or co-executive producers?  Why don’t all those  executive or co-executive producers just consult each other?  And what do they consult on?  To have pastrami or corned beef?)

Funny.  Among the cast, two who get no credit for anything but acting are John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer.

Jim and Pam. 

So here’s to happily ever after.


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2 Responses to The Office

  1. Gerry, I’ve always thought this was a strange show. Do you think those excessive producer credits could be an inside joke about how everyone who works in an “office” wants to have an important-sounding title? Maybe too clever by half.

    Thanks for doing all that research so I don’t have to.

    • Gerry says:

      Titles, and the need for them, have always cracked me up. For some reason I was looking at the monitor the other night and saw all the executive producer credits and just felt moved to offer the observation.

      And I like Pam.

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