I’ve Seen All Good People Sell Out

A Chase credit card commercial was on the TV.  The message wasn’t important, but the music caught my ear. 

Was it? 

Oh yes it was.  Oh, Yes

Progressive rock in 1971.  Commercial background music in 2009.  Damn.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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7 Responses to I’ve Seen All Good People Sell Out

  1. Oh wow. Yes, yes, Yes! ( Apologies to James Joyce ) First time I heard this group was when I was crossing that bridge over the St. Lawrence River in Montreal. They sounded so much like The Police, the group I was most into then. Yes’s first ever radio appearance was on John Peel’s show on the Beeb in London. I was walking in Piccadilly Circus in 1970. Spotted Peel. Long hair blowing in the wind. Probably on his way to work. Peel died young. Said Yes to life. Life said no.

  2. ed says:

    I thought I was getting older when they used Led Zeppelin music to sell Cadillacs.

  3. Dan McCarthy says:

    That’s still not as bad as Carnival Cruises using “Lust For Life” (Iggy Pop’s ode to heroin addiction) in their advertisements.

  4. Rick D says:

    Terrence, I sorry , but Yes sounds like the Police??? Not even at 78 speed, What were you indulging in at Montreal?

  5. Rick D

    In the clip Gerry posted, they don’t sound like The Police. But listen to ” Owner of a Lonely Heart. It has a Police like sound to it, at least to my ear. I just added OOABH to my blog, The Web Town Observer. You can get to it by clicking on my name above my comment. I’m also on Gerry’s blogroll.

    And. The Molson brewery is just over that bridge in Montreal. But I hadn’t had any since the night before.

  6. Glenn says:

    Yes sounds like the Police???…umm even on OOALH not a chance.

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