My God, another musical revelation!  As if Vampire Weekend wasn’t enough a couple of weeks ago, I discovered Lady Gaga Saturday night on SNL.

Of course, I’m discovering Lady Gaga more than a year after everyone else, but as I’ve noted, everything after 1985 is “new music” to me.

It isn’t that I hadn’t heard of her, but I thought she was just another media creation, a novelty act even.  And maybe she is. 

But the revelation was, she has talent!  If you have time, check out the video.  After the initial spectacle (and don’t forget, The Beatles were a spectacle in 1964), she sat down at the piano and killed.  (About 1:45 in.)

I suspect I would like her music better live than recorded.  But maybe I’m not stuck in the Sixties and Seventies after all.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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6 Responses to Gaga

  1. Rick D says:

    I gotta tell you Gerry, I am close to your age (gulp) and I bought her album, She writes her own stuff, and plays her own stuff. She does have talent. Now if she can only pick better people to go on tour with!!

  2. Yvonne says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Gerry. She is amazing on the piano and I find myself mesmorized every time she plays. She was dressed like Saturn (what was that silver contraption?) but oh well.. that’s show business I guess.

  3. I like her. Sort of Elton John meets Billy Joel meets Madonna meets Mona from the planet Mongo. Image be damned; it’s the music that counts. She’s good. Good eye.

  4. Dan McCarthy says:

    Those were my exact words, Gerry! She killed! I’m not going to say I’m a fan of hers, but she definitely won my respect as a musician Saturday night.

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