On The Radio

Highway Advisory Radio

Tune to 1670 AM

I drive by that sign every day.  And for some reason, today I did, in fact, tune to 1670 AM.

The reception was spotty, the playlist was thin, and I don’t think they take requests. 

But the “personality” I heard confirmed my suspicion that every road I could possibly take to work has construction.  And will for the rest of my life.


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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12 Responses to On The Radio

  1. Sounds like you were listening to “Clear Channel”!!!! 🙂

  2. Maybe you know the answer to this question I’ve had for years. The car we just sold’s radio couldn’t get any am stations. None. Our Volvo gets a few, but it’s nothing like when I was a 16 year old driving around Northampton listening to WKBW in Buffalo and WLS in Chicago.

    Now we have Sirius satellite radio in our new KIA. Get 135 channels with no static. But getting back to my point: What’s the deal with am radio now as compared to years ago?

    • Gerry says:

      What you hear is what you get. Sound quality was the near-death blow. They tried to produce “AM stereo,” but it was never the same. So most AM stations migrated to news/talk and became so much less “local” with syndicated programming. Along the way, deregulation meant they no longer had the “public service” commitment they used to have, so out went the news departments. And then Clear Channel and CBS radio…oh…never mind.

    • Li'l Em Kel says:

      Of course the larger question is how do they get words and music to travel through the air and come out of my radio.

  3. Tim says:

    Highways are and always will be black holes for taxpayers to lose money in. When Jodi Rell said a couple years ago she wanted a highway from New London to Hartford and was blasted, I knew it was over. We now need to eventually close some highways, add rail, and hopefully someday go back to privatizing these routes.

  4. Thanks for trying to explain, Gerry. But I think I just figured it out. I’ve been trying to get am radio in the afternoon and evening.

    And Li’ em kel. Good question. And another one. I kind of get what Alexander Graham was obsessed with. And I’m impressed every time I talk on the phone. How do they DO that, I ask myself constantly. And how did they figure out how to make what you’re hearing sound exactly like the person you’re talking to?

  5. Speaking of highways, why do you think the three-quadrant ring around Hartford called I-291 was shot to heck? At least its northeastern quadrant is complete. And Tim: about the highway from New London to Hartford, Route 11 was to continue all the way to I-95 in New London. Instead, traffic is forced onto Route 82 in Salem, and drivers will have to follow Route 85 southbound to get to New London.

    I think Route 9 needs to be extended to the northernmost part of Central Connecticut. Also, the New Britain-Hartford Busway construction is in limbo because there ain’t no way it’s going to be complete by 2013 by doing nothing.

  6. I wish! I’m just a hardworking taxpaying citizen of the state of Corrupt-icut.

  7. Interesting mix of comments on this one, Gerry. Two types. The concrete guys, writing about the highway angle. And us airheads.

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