It’s Not About The Money

“I can’t be the only one this has happened to.  Someone needs to put a face on not only nonconsensual incest but consensual incest.”  (Mackenzie Phillips, hawking her book on “Oprah”)

“This is a huge story that needs to be told with implications from the death penalty to people keeping themselves safe at night in their homes.”  (Brian McDonald, author of book on the Petit murders, to the Hartford Courant)

So let’s salute Mackenzie Phillips and Brian McDonald for their literary public service.  Clearly, they haven’t written these books to make money.  They want to help you.  And me.

Phillips wants you to know you shouldn’t have sex, consensual or otherwise, with your father.  And it might not be a good idea to do cocaine with him, either.  She has put a “face” on this problem in her highly-publicized new book. 

And McDonald has interviewed one of the suspects in the Petit murders.  He wants you to ponder the death penalty, and make sure your house is secure.  (I have and I have, so I guess I can pass on the book.  Besides, I really don’t need or want to know every last grisly detail of the murders, and we won’t even get into the fact that there hasn’t been a trial yet.) 

Would I be more receptive to her efforts if Phillips said something like, “I need the money because I snorted and shot up most of my savings, and oh, by the way, if this helps others that’s great, too?”

Would I be more interested in McDonald’s work if he said something to the effect of,  “I got this boob to talk to me, and I can turn a buck on this story?”

No, I wouldn’t.  But I might have a shred of respect for them. 


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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7 Responses to It’s Not About The Money

  1. Renee Antaya says:

    Both of these make me shiver. Sick scary people. My whole heart goes out to Dr Petit. As for Mckenzie…what a looser.

  2. It’s a free country. These jerks can write what they want. Me? I’m not buying it. I’m guessing I’m far from alone.

  3. T&J. It’s in short supply in pop culture these days. Wasn’t questioning your first amendment cred; I know and respect where you stand on that One.

  4. Sue Dephouse says:

    Yes, it IS about the money… a couple of losers who’ll make a few bucks. A sad sign of the times. And very pervasive..
    Nice meeting you – and remember, when it’s breezy…

  5. Kevin says:

    It’s just too predictable and formulaic at this point, play victim, go on Oprah’s show , tell your tale and pitch your wares. I saw a clip of the show this weekend, not only was Phillips selling her book, but the other sister was there in a supportive role of course and to pitch her new Christian CD. It’s was all a little much, worse because I have some cool aid drinkers in my family who eat this kind of stuff right up.

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