The Ghost of Clive Rush

The New England Patriots are asking for trouble.  Why?  Those gawdawful retro uniforms. 

Pat Patriot

Pat Patriot

Flying Elvis

Flying Elvis

They’re wearing them four times this season, and you saw what almost happened the first time.  At home.  Against the Buffalo Bills!

Yeah, they’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American Football League.  Great.  Get a cake.  But don’t bring back “Pat Patriot” again. 

Nothing good can come from this.  Nothing ever did.  It nearly turned Bill Belichick into Clive Rush for a night.  Rush wasn’t an electrifying coach, but he did manage to be electrified during his 21 game stint as head coach during the Pat Patriot era.

We need Flying Elvis back.  Now.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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7 Responses to The Ghost of Clive Rush

  1. Graham says:

    Funny you should say that! Last night at the gym several of us mentioned the same thing when the score was 14-10. While I did not see the Pats play at B.U. I do remember going to see them play at Fenway Park with my father. We had seats in Left Field! They were temporary metal stands. I remember the game was in December and it was snowing. One of the players caught a pass and slid face first right into the visitors dugout.
    The QB as Babe Parilli (sp?) I think and I believe the kicker was Gino Capeletti (sp?). Wow, that was one cold game. Maybe that’s why I told the kids not to get me tickets to the Bruins game at Fenway this year.
    I think I’ll watch it on t.v.

  2. Joe says:

    Your theory goes out the window considering the Pats won in dramatic fashion (no pun intended).

  3. I thought I saw Steve Grogan!

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