Not So Serena

News item:  Serena Williams fined $10,000 for her tirade against a line judge at the U.S. Open.  That is the maximum fine that can be levied for unsportsmanlike conduct at a Grand Slam event.

So I’ve been wondering…how many of George Carlin’s seven dirty words you can’t say on television did she uncork?  If that’s the maximum fine, it’s gotta be all seven, right? 



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5 Responses to Not So Serena

  1. Watching Serena reminded me of my days working as a counselor on a psych unit. One of the hats I wore was as a trainer. Teaching staff how to prevent violence. A part of my lesson plan referred to ” the ladder of escalation. ” A patient throws something. That’s one step. The patient points a finger, gets in someone’s face. Another step. Patient then threatens to hurt someone.

    That last step was the big one. Threats, in our experience, were often carried out. People could get hurt if we didn’t do something to intervene.

    Other sports ( NHL excepted ) are pretty good at this kind of stuff. Baseball, that most civil of sports, wouldn’t have tolerated Serena’s behavior. Nor would it listen to her PR hack’s scripted excuses and apologies. A baseball player would be suspended for a big slice of the season for threatening an umpire. And the fine wouldn’t be ten grand.

    And threatening to kill people isn’t going to be good for her endorsement portfolio. Apologies. Amendments to apologies. Serena’s PR machine is gonna be grinding it out for a few days.

  2. Whenever I threaten to kill someone, I wait a week to laugh it off.

  3. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    I think Serena should be commended for her self-restraint. She is clearly capable of beating the bejabbers out of everyone in the accompanying still, yet she limited herself to mere threats on the lineswoman’s life.

    She has lived up to her name.

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