Somehow I Survived

America’s at odds over the President of the United States directly telling kids to study hard and stay in school. 

One voice of reason on the issue is that of Chris Healy, Chairman of the Connecticut Republicans.  He told NBC Connecticut’s Amanda Raus:  “He is the President.  He deserves the respect the President deserves.  It’s perfectly appropriate that he address children.” 

"Big Brother" Bob Emery

"Big Brother" Bob Emery

Growing up, I watched “Big Brother” Bob Emery’s kiddie show every day on WBZ, Channel 4 in Boston.  And every day, Big Brother Bob played a recording of “Hail to the Chief,” as the camera bore in on a portrait of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

I didn’t see a Republican, I didn’t see a Democrat, I didn’t see an Army general.  I saw the President of the United States.

Somehow, I survived.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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13 Responses to Somehow I Survived

  1. Lauren says:

    And the fact that the President is going to speak to the kids directly allows them to connect to him. What a thrill for a kid to think that the President thinks enough of them to talk directly to them on their level.

  2. Gerry's Mentor says:

    The grass is always greener in the other fellow’s yard……..

  3. When you’re a kid, everything is a lesson. Among the many lessons these conservative parents are teaching their kids is: Don’t listen to someone with whom you disagree.

    Dangerous lesson indeed. John Milton wrote something I can pronounce but can’t even come close to spelling right. The gist of it is that we shoul read, watch and listen to as many sides of a debate as we can. And at the end of the process we’ll come up with something close to the truth.

    And you’re right. How many chances do you get to have the leader of the free world speak to you in person? No matter what he says; he’s the POTUS!

  4. ken grabow says:

    gerry, you are right on the mark with bobs ”hail to the chief”,it would be great if the government realized what the general population has known for generations

  5. Buddy says:

    Since Big Brother Bob Emery was only on weekdays, who did we watch on Saturday and Sunday mornings on WBZ?

    • Gerry says:

      Rex Trailer, of course. We shared a stage at an awards ceremony last November, and it was a kick.

      • Buddy says:

        You’re right! I didn’t know he was still around. My folks met him and his wife on a cruise years ago and became pretty good friends. He even came to my dad’s funeral back in ’84. He was, and I’m sure still is, a really nice guy! And let’s not forget his sidekick, Pablo, may he rest in peace.

  6. Bob Friedman says:

    ..and enjoyed the glass of milk you drank while the music played as well, I’m sure.

    Of course now people would be protesting that particular lactose-centric activity too.

  7. Mrs.G says:

    As Always Gerry you are so right. My pre-schooler is going to watch it in his class and he is excited.

  8. Bill says:

    In the 80s a Waterbury Democratic mayor named Ed Bergin, Jr. called off school so youngsters could seen President Reagan speak on the city green. Two decades earlier, it was a thrill for me at age 12 to see President Kennedy up close on that same green one night in 1962.

  9. joene says:

    I’m in awe of the furor the President of the U.S. speaking to school children about the importance of completing school. When did encouraging education become political propaganda? Why do parents believe they must screen this speech before letting their children see it? Do they screen every book, television show, movie, video game, news broadcast, or commercial before letting thier children watch? Aren’t we, as Americans, expected to respect the office of the President, and therefore listen when the President speaks? I just don’t understand …

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