Variations On A Theme

I’ve never pulled a comment on a post and put it on the front page before, but Linda L. gets the nod for her comment on Ted Kennedy, Jr.’s eulogy at his father’s funeral.

I hope the sentiments expressed yesterday will prompt our elected officials as well as news commentators, lobbyists, and the general public to stop, catch their collective breath, and drop all of the cynicism, demonizing and hysterical rhetoric we’ve had of late. We need to start reaching across the various political and social divides to find common ground, mutual respect, and real solutions to the problems of our day.

Linda and Terry Cowgill should get together for lunch.  Terry, a writer/reporter/blogger for the Lakeville Journal,  is ending (temporarily, we hope) his fine blog.  Partly because he’s running for the Planning and Zoning Commission on the  Republican slate, but mostly because…

There is a culture on the Web, made worse by easy anonymity, of commenters (and some blog authors themselves) writing things about people that would never be said face-to-face. Angry people say icky things when the threat of being punched in the nose is removed.

Even more troubling is the tendency on the Web (and on the part a couple of readers of this blog) to go beyond simple disagreement on public policy to demonizing the opposition. I have seen here and elsewhere a tendency of conservatives (and some far lefties) to suggest that Kennedy, for example, is a bad person because he he holds views contrary to theirs. — Read the entire post here.

Linda and Terry’s observations only reinforce my own that despite its vast benefits, the web (and cable talk, of course) contributes mightily to the fractiousness that so often makes us take two steps back before we can take one step forward.

A little civility can go so very far.


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3 Responses to Variations On A Theme

  1. Gerry, thanks for the shout-out and the kind words. I love a good debate but the tenor of the dialogue was becoming a bit harsh (and unproductive) — not only on my blog but all across the media landscape. So it was time to take a break.

    It’ll be interesting to see how long I can stay away. 🙂

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