What a remarkable performance by Ted Kennedy, Jr. at his father’s funeral.

If you’re not aware, he adopted Connecticut as his home some time ago.  He went to Wesleyan, grad school at Yale, and UConn Law.  He and his family live in Branford.


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6 Responses to Junior

  1. I agree. The sled story couldn’t have been made up by one of Joseph Kennedy the elder’s screenwriter pals. And a great delivery by Ted Jr. I was also moved by Patrick’s performance. Class acts. And Ted III. Keep your eyes on the arc of that one’s life.

  2. Ryan Hanrahan says:

    What an eloquent and moving eulogy by Teddy Jr. I actually had the privilege of being his son’s camp counselor 5 or 6 years ago in Killingworth. The the entire family couldn’t have been kinder or more gracious.

    I can’t believe how much Teddy III has grown!

  3. Linda L. says:


    I also found the funeral service, and especially Teddy Jr.’s remembrances, to be very moving. I hope the sentiments expressed yesterday will prompt our elected officials as well as news commentators, lobbyists, and the general public to stop, catch their collective breath, and drop all of the cynicism, demonizing and hysterical rhetoric we’ve had of late. We need to start reaching across the various political and social divides to find common ground, mutual respect, and real solutions to the problems of our day.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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