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I never was much for wearing caps when I played golf until I woke up one morning to discover that most of my hair had gone away and wasn’t coming back.

Now, I always have a cap on my head when I do anything outside.  It keeps my big old bald spot from getting burned, but mostly I’m too lazy to comb what’s left until I have to get ready for work.

Caps are big business.  I am the proud owner of a fitted New Era “59Fifty” Red Sox cap that is worn for special occasions only.  It was a gift, and is the Cadillac of caps.

For those dressy occasions

For those dressy occasions

I have my work cap, worn only for NBC Connecticut-sponsored events and news coverage.  (Otherwise, I don’t wear station-logoed shirts and caps because I’m afraid  people would think, “Oh, that pathetic sucker just wants attention.”  And really, I don’t.  Unless I’m feeling particularly needy.)

"On the job" headgear

"On the job" headgear

I have a few caps with logos of places I’ve been or courses I’ve played.  But my favorite cap, the one I’ve played golf in for years, is plain, off-white, and unmarked.  It draws more attention than any other cap I’ve worn for the simple reason that it’s unmarked.  No logos.  No nothing. 

Simple elegance

Simple elegance

Golfers, for some reason, like to wear caps that bear the logos of equipment makers.  Titleist.  Callaway.  Ping.  They may not even use those brands, but they will happily become walking billboards for them.  

When they see my fraying, decaying old unmarked cap, they look at it, they look at me, and they ask, “Are you waiting for an endorsement deal?”

Why not?  Titleist, are you listening?  My forehead’s for sale.  Fore!


About Gerry

I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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8 Responses to Your Ad Here

  1. The guy who won last weekend’s PGA tourney didn’t have a single logo or name on any of his clothing. Including his cap, which wasn’t even the ubiquitous baseball cap style. I was rooting for him.

    • Gerry says:

      Ryan Moore, whose best previous finish this year was a T-4 at the Travelers. Betcha he gets an endorsement deal out of that, and good for him.

  2. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Know where most guys who get skin cancer get it? Tops of their ears.

    A doctor told me to wear a brimmed hat when I play golf, and I usually do.

    But come on, Gerry. Even if there’s nothing written on it, a soft, shiny, satin-looking cap says (or at least hints at) SOMETHING about a guy.

    Or maybe the lighting is just way too hot in the photo.

    • Gerry says:

      Em, the flash made the pic of my beloved cap way too hot…obliterating the sweat stain and the increasingly large tear brought on by my wife’s insistence on washing it before it walks away on its own.

      I recently bought two new unmarked caps, but they don’t have the je ne sais quoi of that one.

  3. Rico says:

    Hi Jerry;
    Where did you get or buy that cap that has nothing on it. No logos nothing it’s a fine cap, I’d love to buy one, where did you get it.

  4. I like the sweat stains on Simple Elegance. Sort of reminds me of Trot Nixon.

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