The Cable Playpen

So the New York Times reports that the higher-ups at G.E. (which owns MSNBC, NBC Connecticut, and, in essence, me) and The News Corp. (which owns Fox News Channel) have put an end to the Olbermann-O’Reilly feud.

To which Keith Olbermann responds, “Nah.” (Though I can only imagine he used several thousand more words.)

Now children, please behave!

Children, please behave!

People watch these bloviators (not restricted to O’Reilly and Olbermann) to reinforce beliefs and opinions they already hold.  So why watch?  Be your own Talking Head!  Force your opinions on your friends, neighbors and colleagues, and when you’re done say, “Thanks for watching The (your name here) Show!” 

If that leaves no one watching the bloviators, we could round ’em up, put them all in one big sandbox, and let them beat the bloody pulp out of each other.  Last bloviator standing gets to host a game show.

Last Bloviator Standing.  Hmmm.  Now that would be reality television worth watching.


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5 Responses to The Cable Playpen

  1. jim says:

    That’s a Reality Show that’s way overdo.Too bad it couldn’t be “to the death” or “No Survivor Standing”.

  2. Kathryn D. says:

    I completely agree. Bill O. and Keith O. et al just reinforce opinions and beliefs that are already held. It is all so negative. I enjoyed the cable news network telecasts when actual national and international events were reported. I guess that is way too expensive. There is only commentary and analysis over and over and over again. There does not appear to be any coverage of Iraq or Afghanistan. There are plenty of crimes, car chases and natural phenomena across the nation too that would be far more interesting. I will continue to watch NBC 30 at 11 p.m. to get the real news. (Last night poor Keisha had to endure a number of “technical difficulties” while live. She is so gracious!)

  3. Maybe Spike TV could get on the case. High speed car chase meets the Bloviators. First show could have Olbermann in his car chasing, at very high speed ( And high definition ) O’Reilly. Might be like a dog chasing a car though. If Olbermann actually caught up with O-Boy, he wouldn’t know what to do with him or say to him.

  4. Kevin says:

    maybe they need something akin to a swear jar, where if one breaks the truce they have to donate 10 grand to cancer research or something, at least someone would benefit.
    I still look at both of them as the guys from sports center and inside edition, I just can’t take them seriously at all; and
    Glen Beck will always be the guy from the awful morning show on KC 101 that I listened to when Smith and Barber went to commercial.

  5. The only cable news I watch is The Daily Show, and from this vantage point the whole thing looks incredibly stupid.
    Maybe we could get them to settle it over a game of beach volleyball so you could watch them on your big screen TV.
    Of course the sight of these guys in bathing suits on a giant screen may be even worse.

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