Bend Over

Chris Dodd announced he had prostate cancer last Friday.  When Tom Monahan wrapped up a live interview with Dodd at 5 and tossed it back to me, I heard Dodd say, “And tell Gerry to get checked, too.”

I have, and I’ll go you one better, Senator.  I’ve had a biopsy.  When my PSA count went up, my doctor sent me to a specialist, who recommended the biopsy.

Next thing I knew, I was on my side, and some guy was shooting a gun up my butt.  Ten times.  It was not pleasant.  It was not unpleasant.  It didn’t feel good.  It didn’t hurt.  Let’s call it a “new experience.”

The man did not acknowledge he knew who I was, and didn’t say more than, “Hello.”  Until he was done.  As he left the room, I heard, “See you at six.”  Cracked me up.  As it turned out, all was well.  But it’s something to keep an eye on. 

The message?  C’mon guys, get a physical and get checked.  If you’re not a guy, get on your guy’s ass to get it done.  (Pun intended.)  Prostate cancer is no way to die.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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9 Responses to Bend Over

  1. I have that checked out every year during my manual, er, annual physical. The bloodwork PSA thing’s a piece of cake. But when Doctor Will U. Bendover does his thing. Well, that is an odd feeling indeed. Like what you described with the gunshots up the butt ( Did the doc say, ” This just in ? ” ) Doesn’t really hurt, but it sure ain’t pleasant.

  2. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    I get checked out every year, too. Took me six years to figure out it was his finger.

  3. Li’l em

    Gerry ain’t gonna touch that comment with a ten foot…

  4. Li'l Em-Kel says:

    Gerry hit a homer this time!

  5. When ya take that bow, don’t bend over too much. Like Satchel Paige said about those behind you…

  6. Tim says:

    As a male who is a nurse (although it seems male nurse is a job category/title I hear it so often) I salute you for not only speaking about the check-up but for being able to insert humor (pun intended) into it. Prostate and colon/rectal cancers can be prevented/treated if we guys would get over what the preventative exams involve which will give us more years to enjoy our wives and kids. It takes a big man to describe an uncomfortable exam like you did, keep up the good work in your column.

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