The Last Laugh

Yes Jose, you are vindicated.
Yes Jose, you are vindicated.
David Ortiz had himself quite a day.  Accused of having used performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, he went out and hit a game-winning home run.

After the game, he released a statement that said, in part:  “Based on the way I lived my life I’m surprised to learn I tested positive.  I will find out what I tested positive for.  Based on whatever I learn, I will share this information with the club and the public.  You know me.  I will not hide and I will not make excuses.”

It would be nice if Ortiz, who has been a wonderful story over the past six seasons, is vindicated too.

Maybe that’s the 12-year-old in me speaking.  I just don’t know.


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5 Responses to The Last Laugh

  1. My guess is that there’s an awful lot of plausible deniability going on in MLB. From Bud Selig on down to the players union and the rank and file.

    As Jack B. always says on ” 24 .” ” Whatever it takes. ” Just don’t tell me what I’m taking.

  2. Come on, lets play ball…it was the steroid era…endorsed by MLB, the Players Union, even the fansLets just get it over and release all the names. If MLB and the Players Union had done this years ago… baseball would now be clean, fans would be talking about three era’s in baseball…pre steroid, the steroid era, and the post steroid era.

  3. joan says:

    The 12-year old in me agrees with you Ger…completely.

  4. Linda says:

    I hope the tests were faulty – SOMETHING!!! A mistake – please? Here’s hoping!!!

  5. Joene says:

    Shouldn’t everyone … and I mean everyone, including sportscasters … relax, and wait to make a decision one way or another, once all the FACTS become available?

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