Let’s Make It Real Stupid

Neal: "Hi neighbor, have a 'Gansett!"

Neal: "Hi neighbor, have a 'Gansett!"

BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts congressman is using President Barack Obama’s planned “beer summit” with a white police officer and a black scholar to make a pitch for local brews. Democratic Rep. Richard Neal of Springfield sent a letter to the president suggesting he serve Sam Adams beer at his meeting Thursday with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley. If Sam Adams doesn’t appeal, Neal suggested cold ones from Boston’s Harpoon brewery, the Northhampton Brewery, Pioneer Brewing in Sturbridge or Berkshire Brewing in South Deerfield. Crowley arrested Gates at his home for disorderly conduct while investigating a report of a burglary. Gates has said he was the victim of racial profiling. The charge has since been dropped. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


Yeah, let’s take the age-old topic of racism and get real stupid with it.  Let’s trivialize it into a commercial for Sam Adams.  Great idea, Rich!  You can produce the commercial.  I can see it now…

Obama“Hey guys.  Glad you could make it.  Michelle and the girls are out, so we’ve got the place all to ourselves.”

SABlack5-white-aleGates“Sam Adams!  Sweet!  I’ll have the Black Lager.”

Crowley:  “I’ll have the White Ale.”

Obama (all-knowing look on face):  “Now guys…”

Gates and Crowley (in unison):  “Just kidding, Chief!”

(All three break into raucous laughter, and raise their glasses in a toast.)

Announcer“Sam Adams…when you just want to get stupid.”


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6 Responses to Let’s Make It Real Stupid

  1. Uh oh. I imagined a similar scenario re the Brew Crew ( Obama, Gates and Crowley ) Guinness and Harp ( Black and tan ) With POTUS drinking a Gansett.

    And ya know, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Neal come up with an idea. Of any kind.

    • Gerry says:

      Oh jeez, I just re-read your post. Now I know why Harrison lost the “My Sweet Lord/He’s So Fine” suit.

      I still love that “Gansett slogan. And Sunday, I drove by Lake Cochituate, on the shores of which they used to brew Carling Black Label. Of course, I knew what people did in Lake Cochituate. Which is why I never drank it.

  2. Renee Antaya says:

    I may be way off base here, but the president doing this does not set a good example for our children. Lets have a fight, be racist, call each ohter names and have a beer.

    I do like Sam Adams though. 🙂

  3. Renee…it’s the American way! Next they all go to rehab and are forgiven!

  4. Rick D says:

    Gerry, I like my version better,, They come into the room. The prez sits them down and puts Miller Light in front of them. after taking a good long gulp, Crowley says, “HMMMM Taste Funky” to which Gates replies, “Less White” and all hell breaks loose.

  5. Pat says:

    This is just another red herring designed by the spin-meisters in the administration to keep the sheeple distracted from any of the other real issues. The MSM will be tripping over each other and drooling with the coverage of “Dear Leader” and this charade. What’s could possibly come out of a racist black professor and one white cop at a White House meeting? Seriously, what? Nothing. Personally, I would be more interested in news covering a coleslaw wrestling match at the next Hells Angels party. At least that would be entertaining. And represent a better class of people.

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