Kind Of A Brush With The Semi-Famous

My wife has been a flight attendant for a long time, and she’s encountered the famous, near-famous, and infamous over the years.  They’re usually sitting in first class, and when they’re not (“Do you know who I am?”), they’re trying to convince her they should be.

She has a strict personal policy of not making idle chatter with them unless they strike up the conversation.  (Not talking to them seems to make them want to talk.   See: “Do you know who I am?”)

Bill Nighy as "Johnny Mack"

Bill Nighy as "Billy Mack"

She returned from her last trip (JFK-LAX-JFK), saying nice things about “this British actor I never heard of.”  She only remembered his name was Bill, and described him.

“Bill Nighy?”

“Yeah, I think that was it.”

“You’ve seen him.”

“In what?”

“‘Love Actually.’  He played the washed up rock star who sang the Christmas song.  We own the movie!”

“Oh yeah!!!!!!”

Bill Nighy is a highly regarded star in the U.K., but barely known on this side of the pond.  He has a long and impressive list of credits.

Fame is relative, isn’t it?

(Here’s a link to the video from “Love Actually.”  It’s pretty funny…a parody of “Love Is All Around” by The Troggs, done in Robert Palmer-style.)


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4 Responses to Kind Of A Brush With The Semi-Famous

  1. Kirk says:

    The character in “Love Actually” was named Billy Mack, as in this bit of dialogue: “Kids, here’s a message from your Uncle Bill…Don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star and they give you them for free!.” A classic role.

  2. Gerry says:

    Kirk, thanks for the correction! (And that is a great line.)

  3. joan says:

    Love, Actually is one of our favorite movies. Nice to know that “Uncle Bill” is a nice guy in “real life.” Nighy also played Davey Jones in the 3rd installment of the “Pirates of the Carribbean” series…but is pretty unrecognizable in the role.

  4. He was fantastic in “Love Actually”, so good, that I added the song “Christmas Is All Around”, as a song I play during the holiday. Because of him, and the rest of the cast, that movie has become a holiday “classic” in my house…a must watch every Thanksgiving the New years! It is nice to know he is a good guy!

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