Rusty Young

Rusty Young

Once again, making a living has gotten in the way of having a good ol’ time.  Damn.

Poco played the Glastonbury Riverfront Music Festival Wednesday night, and I would have loved to have seen the current incarnation of the group that spawned country rock as we know it.

Poco rose from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield in 1968, and scored immediate critical acclaim.  But success on the singles chart eluded the band, and, disappointed, members came and went. 

Paul Cotton

Paul Cotton

Two of them, bassists Randy Meisner and Tim Schmidt, went to the Eagles, who took Poco’s country rock recipe, changed a couple of ingredients, and became legendary hitmakers.

Poco soldiered on as an entity, anchored by original member Rusty Young (the maestro of the pedal steel guitar), and longtime member Paul Cotton.  They produced a couple of minor hits (“Crazy Love,” and “Heart of the Night”), but commercial success remained elusive.

Still, all these years later, Young and Cotton are still deliverin’ Poco music to the masses.  For true Poconuts, it’s music that makes you smile, music that goes down easy on a summer night.

76434988I will have to remain content having seen Poco in November, 1973 at the Springfield Municipal Auditorium.  Tickets were five dollars.  Hey, what’s 36 years? 

The opening act that night was Chad Stuart.  Chad.  Without Jeremy.  (Not to be confused with Peter.  Without Gordon.)

Talk about a hanging Chad.  The poor guy never had a chance.


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