The Koufax & Drysdale of NBC

Hargitay & Meloni

Hargitay & Meloni

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni have signed deals to continue on “Law & Order: SVU,” and those of us who need NBC to do well can only say “whew.”  It’s no secret the Peacock doesn’t have an embarassment of prime-time riches right now, so long live Benson and Stabler.

Koufax & Drysdale

Koufax & Drysdale

As it turns out, they negotiate in tandem, which brings to mind another power duo who did the same thing.  Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale threatened to hold out unless the Dodgers paid them six-figure salaries for the 1966 season.  Koufax got $125,000, Drysdale $115,000.

Hargitay and Meloni will reportedly get north of $400,000.  An episode.  

But like the Dodgers needed Koufax & Drysdale 43 years ago, NBC needs Hargitay & Meloni. 

As Babe Ruth said when asked why he was demanding more money than President Hoover, “I had a better year than he did.”


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4 Responses to The Koufax & Drysdale of NBC

  1. Is there, or was there, a more classy ballplayer than Koufax? DiMaggio had an image constructed for him. He was far from the gentleman he pretended to be.

    And that Babe quote’s a classic.

  2. Andy says:

    Glad they’re finally paid per episode what you are paid per newscast, Gerry.

  3. Doug says:

    ok that’s good and now they’ll need a fresh script! (there have been a few ugly dogs lately)

  4. Gerry says:

    Terry, Doug, thank you for your comments.

    Andy, may I see you for a moment, please? Yeah, over here. In the corner.

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