Now They Come In Fives?

It’s interesting, the way we react to the deaths of celebrities.

Ed McMahon“Oh, that’s too bad.  I knew he was having problems.”

Farrah Fawcett“What a shame.  Too young.  She was something, wasn’t she?”

Michael Jackson“What?  Really???  No freakin’ s**t!”

Billy Mays: “You’re kidding.  The OxiClean guy?  What the hell happened?”

Gale Storm: “Oh jeez, I remember her.  How old was she?” 

She was 87.  And I know that a lot of you won’t remember her.  Gale Storm was among the first TV sitcom actresses I remember (along with Joan Davis and Betty White, who’s still a hoot).

I remember Gale Storm (perhaps the only female personality outside of exotic dancers whose stage name is a weather condition) best for the fifties sitcom “My Little Margie.” 

Gale Storm & Charles Farrell

Gale Storm & Charles Farrell

What I remember most vividly is that her father, “Mr. Albright,” spoke with a Boston accent.  (“Maaahjee!”)  The actor who played Mr. Albright, Charles Farrell, was in fact a Boston-area native.

Naturally, that reinforced the notion that everyone in the world spoke with a Boston accent, and those who didn’t were out of the norm.

You know, I’m gonna have to shake that notion someday…


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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5 Responses to Now They Come In Fives?

  1. Pam Civiello says:

    Hi Gerry

    Well do they really come in 5’s, or have we reached the 6?….where was Carradine in this?

    I was thinking he was number 1..then the others followed..

    I was a little kid, but i remember the Gail Storm show also, watching with my Grandmother..

  2. Linda says:

    Add actor, singer, comedian Fred Travalena to the list. Dead of cancer at age 66 on Sunday.

  3. Gerry says:

    Pam, I know this sounds weird, but the consensus is that Carradine died sufficiently before the other five to stand on his own. And given the circumstances of his death, (finish this sentence.)

    And Linda, thanks. I must have missed Travalena. Too bad. He was good.

  4. Janice says:

    I remember Gale Storm and enjoyed her show. Imagine a child these days enjoying an adult sitcom. I thought she was dead and am pleased her death warranted some attention.

    I’m probably the only person in the world who is tired of MJ and the hoopla. He was in my opinion a sad, sad figure, and I can’t look past his personal life to like or enjoy anything else about him.

  5. tbone says:

    wow…it’s like people die everyday…that is amazing…lots in iraq right now…

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