Back From Obscurity, Briefly

Kenny kisses cup.

Kenny kisses cup.

As Kenny Perry celebrates his victory in the Travelers Championship, let us take a moment to remember Tim Norris.

Tim Norris won the penultimate Sammy Davis, Jr.–Greater Hartford Open played at Wethersfield Country Club in 1982.  He set a tournament record with his winning total of 259, which earned him the then-princely sum of $54,000.  Tim Norris played in eight more Sammy/Canon/GHOs, and missed the cut six times.

But his tournament record stood.  Until Sunday. 

Perry’s final round 63 gave him a total 258.  It earned him a very princely sum of $1.06 million dollars, and it nudged Tim Norris aside in the tournament’s record book.

Norris was a journeyman golfer whose career was cut short by injury.  He went on to become a successful college coach.  And while we celebrate Kenny Perry (who ironically wears the logo of The Hartford) as the new Travelers champion,  it’s worth remembering Tim Norris’s one great week on the PGA Tour.

You can say he was a one-hit wonder, but Tim Norris won one more PGA Tour tournament than the rest of us ever will.


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2 Responses to Back From Obscurity, Briefly

  1. Graham says:

    I’d be happy to be a “one hit wonder” !

  2. Gerry says:

    No kidding. I’d be happy to break 80!

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