We Like To Watch

10.6 million Americans watched “Jon & Kate Plus 8” Monday night.  10.6 million.   And Monday’s blog post on the subject got more hits than usual.   Most of you who left a comment seem to hold the Gosselins in disdain.

So what are we to make of their…what… popularity?  And if it’s not popularity, what is it, a national obsession?

Maybe people who think their lives suck like to watch people they think have lives that suck more.   1 + 1= “Hey, maybe my life doesn’t suck after all.”   It could be therapeutic.  But in this case, they might be wrong and should probably just watch cable news.  

Or maybe we’ve become a rubbernecker nation.  It’s the same reason we slow down to gawk at accidents and think, “Thank God that’s not us.”

We like to watch.  Maybe’s it’s just that simple.


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I've been covering Connecticut news and sports since 1974. I know, I don't look that old.
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4 Responses to We Like To Watch

  1. Dan McCarthy says:

    I don’t neccessarily hold them in disdain, Gerry. I just don’t care about them and would rather not have their personal lives pushed at me whenever I try to watch the news or read the ‘pamphlet’ as you call it ;o).

  2. #2 says:

    I usually do not comment on stories of this type, but I have to admit, I’VE HAD IT !. What these people do with their lives is there own problem. What absolute nonsense, I feel sorry for the people who actually care ( I do have some empathy for the kids). The other really sad thing about this is the fact that it’s reported as “news” and TV and radio stations are “forced” to feature this at some point of their newscast. There is a group of people who tune into their favorite station who actually just want the news, weather, and sports in timely ,manner and do not have to put up with this BS and all the happy talk. Sorry to ramble….to bad the show is not a lead-in to the 6 news.

  3. Cathy says:

    Enough already! I have never watched the show,but their lives are thrust upon us, and they are everywhere. It’s sad that a divorce is in the making,but to be in the public eye,makes it even worse. To be honest I don’t really care,but the children have to be dragged into it,and it was not by their doing.STOP THE MADDNESS!! Just wish the media would leave them alone,so they can sort out their lives in private…..but then again..theres probably a show just waiting in the wings..”Jon and Kate-put to much on their plate..” ? I know I won’t be watching

  4. Kathy S. says:

    Many people at work are really into this show. Curiosity got the better of me about a month ago (I guess an old episode) and I watched it. Afterwards I remember thinking the children don’t look truly happy, noisy, full of life and mischievous as most children do. I especially picked up at how controlling (trying to be nice) the Mrs was and how unhappy the Mr seemed to be. Now I heard, couldn’t help but hear, about the upcoming divorce. It’s sad and I hope the ratings and viewership drop so that they can deal with the reality of what they’ve created and recover for the children’s sake.

    Can’t wait for the Octomom ‘reality show’, ugh……

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